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Games Overview - Flames of War

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Game Details
Name:Flames of War
Manufacturer:Battlefront Miniatures
Popularity:The game is played by 7% of the T³-Users.
It's the preferred game of 3% of the T³-Users.
The T³-Users can field a total of 2152529 points.
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Average rating:
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Average rating 4.5 after 182 vote(s).

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This is a list of all supported armies/factions, their distribution between the players and a statistical review in the tournament field:
Airborne Reconnaissance Squadron (British)1%<1%401
Armored Recon Company (US)1%<1%1248.482
Armoured Car/Recce Squadron (British)2%1%1791.872
Armoured Cavalry (ARVN)0%0%100
Assault Company (US)1%<1%1588.643
Aufklärungsschwadron (Germans)1%<1%1450.841
Australian Rifle Company (Australians)<1%<1%100
Australian Tank Company (Australians)0%0%000
Batalion de Cavalerie (Romanians)0%0%101
Batalion Piechoty (Poles)<1%<1%2090.911
Batalion Puscasi (Romanians)<1%<1%301
Batalion Vanatori de Munte (Romanians)<1%<1%301
Batalon Opolchenya (Soviets)<1%<1%100
Battaglione Alpini (Italians)<1%<1%200
Battaglione Bersaglieri (Italians)4%2%2169.421
Battaglione Fucilieri (Italians)1%<1%401
British Armoured Squadron (British)9%4%14574.136
British Commando Troop (British)2%1%6654.553
British Motor Company (British)4%2%31685
British Others (British)5%2%16176.7910
British Paratrooper/Airlanding Company (British)6%2%6768.385
British Rifle Company (British)9%3%17575.929
Cavalry Troop (Australians)0%0%000
Combat Car (ARVN)0%0%000
Compagnia Carri (Italians)1%1%1357.881
Compagnia Motociclisti (Italians)<1%<1%201
Compagnia Paracadutisti (Italians)<1%<1%100
Compagnie de Châsseurs Portées (French)<1%<1%100
Compagnie de Fusiliers-Voltigeurs (French)1%<1%836.361
Compagnie/Escadron de Combat (French)1%<1%400
Companie Tancuri (Romanians)1%<1%758.740
Companie Vanatori Motorizata (Romanians)<1%<1%1063.241
Divisional Cavalry Squadron (British)<1%<1%649.590
Escadron de Fusiliers Motocyclistes (French)0%0%000
Escadron de Fusiliers Portées (French)<1%<1%000
Escadron de Reconnaissance (French)<1%<1%400
Fallschirmjägerkompanie (Germans)9%3%8672.917
Fallschirmpionierkompanie (Germans)1%<1%500
Gepanzerte Aufklärungsschwadron (Germans)1%1%100
Gepanzerte Panzergrenadier-/Panzerschützenkompanie (Germans)16%6%9573.438
Gepanzerte Panzerpionierkompanie (Germans)1%1%200
Gépkocsizó Lövész Század (Hungarians)1%<1%740.191
German Others (Germans)18%7%60883.1625
Glider Rifle Company (US)<1%<1%739.160
Grenadier-/Schützenkompanie (Germans)14%5%15674.245
Guardeyskiy Tyazhelyi Tankovy Polk (Soviets)2%1%171001
Harckocsizó Század (Hungarians)1%<1%2649.591
Hohei Chutai (Japanese)0%0%000
Hungarian others (Hungarians)<1%<1%759.891
Infantry (ARVN)<1%<1%101
Infantry Tank Squadron (British)1%1%1499.522
Inzhenerno-Saperniy Batalon (Soviets)1%<1%652.360
Italian Others (Italians)<1%<1%1869.512
Jääkärikomppania (Finns)1%<1%3263.245
Jalkaväkikomppania (Finns)2%1%1570.220
Japanese others (Japanese)0%0%100
Kazachiy Polk (Soviets)2%1%1264.652
Kihei Chutai (Japanese)0%0%000
Kompania Czolgów (Poles)1%<1%858.180
Kradschützenkompanie (Germans)<1%<1%100
Luftwaffen-Jägerkompanie (Germans)<1%<1%000
Motostrelkovy Batalon (Soviets)3%1%1766.123
Panssarikomppania (Finns)2%1%1469.421
Panzergrenadierkompanie (Germans)17%7%11159.827
Panzerkompanie (Germans)26%10%28074.0612
Panzerpionierkompanie (Germans)2%1%300
Panzerspähkompanie (Germans)1%1%1960.191
Peloton de Chasseurs Portés (French)<1%<1%000
Peredovoye Otryad (Soviets)1%1%2472.735
Pioneerikomppania (Finns)<1%<1%100
Pionierkompanie (Germans)1%1%1557.920
Polish Parachute Company (Poles)<1%<1%504
Posizione de Fucilieri (Italians)0%0%000
Pulk Kawalerii (Poles)<1%<1%679.340
Pulk Kawalerii Zmotoryzowanej (Poles)<1%<1%662.340
Puskás Század (Hungarians)1%<1%864.652
Ranger Company/Battalion (US)1%<1%201
Rohamágyús Üteg (Hungarians)<1%<1%1551.770
Rota Razvedki (Soviets)1%<1%1561.750
Schwere Panzerkompanie (Germans)5%2%39551
Sensha Rentai (Japanese)0%0%000
Shtrafnoy Batalon (Soviets)<1%<1%200
Soviet Others (Soviets)7%3%19681.0314
Squadrone Esplorante (Italians)<1%<1%200
Strelkovy Batalon (Soviets)8%3%11385.5414
StuG-Abteilung (Germans)3%1%1560.613
Sturmikomppania (Finns)<1%<1%400
Stützpunkt-/Festungskompanie (Germans)1%<1%501
Tankovy Batalon (Soviets)9%4%14680.4315
Tobruk Strongpoint (British)<1%<1%501
Tyazhelyi Samokhodniy Artileriskiy Polk (Soviets)1%<1%1253.980
US Air Cavalry (US)0%0%100
US Armored Rifle Company (US)6%2%5074.915
US Armoured Cavalry (US)<1%<1%000
US Others (US)6%2%13076.729
US Parachute Rifle Company (US)9%4%8868.98
US Rifle Company (US)7%3%11981.712
US Rifle Company (US)<1%<1%962.340
US Rifle Company (Airmobile) (US)0%0%000
US Rifle Company (Mech) (US)0%0%100
US Tank Company (US)10%4%12764.217
Utász Század (Hungarians)0%0%100
Vietnamese Infantry Battalion (Vietnamese)<1%<1%100
Vietnamese Ironclad Battalion (Vietnamese)<1%<1%000
Vietnamese Local Forces (Vietnamese)<1%<1%100
  • DP: How many players play this army.
  • DA: How big is the percentage of all armies.
  • TN: How often the army was used on a tournament.
  • TS: How strong is the army on tournaments. The strongest army is used for an index of 100 (see army ranking for details). A value of 0 means that we don't have enough data for a classification yet.
  • TV: How often did the army win a tournament.
  • If there is another army/faction behind a name in brackets, the entry is a sub type of this army/faction.
The distribution is based on 864 players with 2181 army selections. The tournament data is based on 3553 tournament placements. You can enter your own armies, if you create an account.

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