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NTRv3.0 - Club ranking of Netherlands

Start of the data acquisition: 2006-01-01
Last update: 2016-06-22 05:30
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Warhammer Fantasy Battles - Average NTR-points
1.P-IDBBelgium, 3971 Heppen11.26
2.Hired GunsNLNetherlands, 5403 XD Uden7.65
3.The Green KnightBBelgium, 8000 Brugge7.56
4.La BatailleBBelgium, 3971 Heppen6.37
5.Conect'r - TeamBBelgium, 3200 Aarschot2.49
6.Groninger Wargamers GuildNLNetherlands, 9712NG Groningen2.33

Warhammer Fantasy Battles - Total NTR-points
1.The Green KnightBBelgium, 8000 Brugge30.23
2.Hired GunsNLNetherlands, 5403 XD Uden22.94
3.P-IDBBelgium, 3971 Heppen22.52
4.La BatailleBBelgium, 3971 Heppen19.10
5.Groninger Wargamers GuildNLNetherlands, 9712NG Groningen16.29
6.Northern WastersEurope, -10.76
7.BerserkerBBelgium, 1500 Halle8.95
8.Conect'r - TeamBBelgium, 3200 Aarschot4.98
9.Team LeerDGermany, 26789 Leer3.88
9.Dr.Jekyll, Mr.Hyde + the KangaruDGermany, 26121 Oldenburg3.88
9.Nordfront LeerDGermany, 26789 Leer3.88
12.The Lost LegionBBelgium, 8680 Koekelare1.14
13.La tour d'ébèneBBelgium, 7800 Ath0.87
14.LES TROGLODYTESBBelgium, 4500 Huy0.57

Warhammer Fantasy Battles - Number of players listed in the NTR
1.Groninger Wargamers GuildNLNetherlands, 9712NG Groningen7
2.The Green KnightBBelgium, 8000 Brugge4
3.Hired GunsNLNetherlands, 5403 XD Uden3
3.La BatailleBBelgium, 3971 Heppen3
5.P-IDBBelgium, 3971 Heppen2
5.Conect'r - TeamBBelgium, 3200 Aarschot2
7.Nordfront LeerDGermany, 26789 Leer1
7.Northern WastersEurope, -1
7.The Lost LegionBBelgium, 8680 Koekelare1
7.Team LeerDGermany, 26789 Leer1
7.BerserkerBBelgium, 1500 Halle1
7.LES TROGLODYTESBBelgium, 4500 Huy1
7.La tour d'ébèneBBelgium, 7800 Ath1
7.Dr.Jekyll, Mr.Hyde + the KangaruDGermany, 26121 Oldenburg1

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