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Army Statistics - Germany - Field of Glory - Ancient and Medieval

You can see a couple of statistics about the distribution and placements of armies in the tournaments. Only T³-Tournaments using the GoePP are used for the statistics, because all other tournaments don't offer the needed data.

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Army Distribution

1.Late Republican Roman32
1.Alexandrian Macedonian32
2.Abbasid Arab23
3.Later Seleucid22
3.Medieval German City Leagues22
4.Later Macedonian17
5.Later Crusader15
6.Early Achaemenid Persian12
7.Ordonnance French11
7.Later Medieval Danish11
7.Warring States to Western Han Chinese11
8.Dominate Roman10
8.Mid-Republican Roman10
8.Classical Greek10
8.Early Successor10
8.Feudal Catalan and Early Crown of Aragon10
9.Classical Indian9
9.Sassanid Persian9
9.Later Ptolemaic9
9.Later Sicilian9
10.100 Years War English (Continental)8
10.War of the Roses English8
11.Ilkhanid Mongol7
11.Principate Roman7
12.Kyrenean Greek5
12.Nikephorian Byzantine5
12.Early Republican Roman5
12.Later Serbian5
12.Free Company5
12.Later Ottoman Turkish5
12.Ancient British5
12.Early Medieval German5
12.Later Hungarian5
13.Imperial German4
13.Kofun-Nara Japanese4
13.Seljuk Turk4
13.Ancient Spanish4
13.Later Mycanaean or Trojan4
13.Mongol Invasion4
13.Numidian or Early Moorish4
13.Merovingian Frankish4
13.Condotta Italian4
13.Later Carthaginian4
14.Later Anglo-Irish3
14.Sea People3
14.Middle Hungarian3
14.Neo-Assyrian Empire3
14.Medieval Cypriot3
14.Bedouin Dynasties3
14.Catalan Company3
14.Late Achaemenid Persian3
14.Foederate Roman3
14.Komnenan Byzantine3
14.Pagan Burmese3
14.Dailami Dynasties3
15.Later Teutonic Knights2
15.Old or Middle Kingdom Egyptians2
15.Carolingian Frankish2
15.Arab Conquest2
15.Kushan or Indo-Skythian2
15.Hittite Empire2
15.Early Medieval Irish2
15.Hellenistic Greek2
15.Late Heian to Muromachi Japanese2
15.Later Visigothic2
15.Yuan Chinese2
15.Early Carthaginian2
15.Western Hunnic2
15.Western Turkish2
15.Feudal German2
15.Moldavian or Wallachian2
15.Later Hindu South Indian2
15.Later Minoan or Early Mycenaean2
15.Timurid, Black Sheep Turcoman or White Sheep Turcoman2
15.Latin Greece2
15.Later Medieval German2
15.Fanatic Berber2
16.Mamluk Egyptian1
16.Middle Plantagenet English1
16.Later Medieval Swedish1
16.Christian Nubian1
16.Santa Hermandad Nueva Castilian1
16.Hephthalite Hunnic1
16.New Kingdom Egyptian1
16.Early Plantagenet English1
16.Later Low Countries1
16.Later Horse Nomad1
16.Early Nomad1
16.Dacian or Carpi1
16.Feudal Castilian, Leonese or Portuguese1
16.Later Polish1
16.Early Crusader1
16.Later Sumerian or Akkadian1
16.Medieval French1
16.Fatimid Egyptian1
16.Early Scots1
16.Ordonnance Burgundian1
16.100 Years War English (Britain)1
16.Later Lithuanian1
16.Middle or Early Neo-Assyrian1
16.Early Anglo-Irish1
16.Early Alan1
16.Mongol Conquest1

Army Ranking (on all results)

2.Early Successor97.48
3.Later Ptolemaic90.63
4.Feudal Catalan and Early Crown of Aragon73.11
5.Abbasid Arab69.05
6.Alexandrian Macedonian65.10
7.Later Macedonian61.91
8.Ilkhanid Mongol60.63
9.Early Achaemenid Persian58.35
10.Classical Indian51.79
11.Dominate Roman46.77
12.Later Seleucid44.71
13.Warring States to Western Han Chinese43.61
14.Principate Roman43.28
15.100 Years War English (Continental)42.27
16.Late Republican Roman40.02
18.Classical Greek36.83
19.Medieval German City Leagues35.01
20.Mid-Republican Roman33.59
21.War of the Roses English32.18
22.Later Crusader31.52
23.Later Medieval Danish29.59
24.Ordonnance French28.71
25.Later Sicilian27.93
26.Sassanid Persian27.85
Info: Only armies whith at least 6 placements are counted. The army with the best placements is put in place 1 with an index of 100. The other placements depend on this index.

Army Ranking (only on tournament wins)

1.Later Ptolemaic3
1.Alexandrian Macedonian3
2.Feudal Catalan and Early Crown of Aragon2
2.Classical Indian2
2.Early Successor2
2.Later Seleucid2
2.Dominate Roman2
3.Sea People1
3.Later Serbian1
3.Christian Nubian1
3.Old or Middle Kingdom Egyptians1
3.Foederate Roman1
3.Catalan Company1
3.Later Low Countries1
3.Mongol Conquest1
3.Abbasid Arab1
3.Early Republican Roman1
3.Merovingian Frankish1

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