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Star Wars Legion Tourney 2022 (800p) - Information and Rules

1. 3 Rounds / 120 Minutes per game
2. One list throughout the day for 800pts.
3. Preset terrain
4. Houeserule: 2 coreset barricades, players will be able to place their barricades alternating before the troops are set up to allow for some variance. The rest of the terrain will stay fixed of course.
5. The level of this tournament is casual!
6. Timetable:

10:30 Shop opens
10:45 1st Round
12:45 Lunchbreak
13:30 2nd Round
15:30 15min Break
15:45 Final Round
18:00 End of Tournament, Announcement of Winner, Prizes

all players know the rules that can be found here:





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