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Trône du Grand-Esteros - List of Participants

1. Gilbert aka "Gilboule"FAiserey26LannisterLuditopiayes
2. Sebastien aka "Fakko"FChaumont16Night's WatchHALPHASyes
3. Yoann aka "looper"FChampigny Les Langres34Night's WatchHALPHASyes
4. Olivier aka "Ravenwing21"FDijon35LannisterLuditopiayes
5. Mickael aka "GuNsClad"FNogent41LannisterHALPHASyes
6. Julien aka "Bolton57"FAmanvillers-LannisterTanelorn57yes
7. Thierry aka "LUCIFER57"FHettange-Grande-StarkTanelorn57yes
8. Antoine aka "VikingToni"FFlorange28Night's WatchTanelorn57yes
9. Andreolle aka "Jerry57"FFameck78TargaryenTanelorn57yes
10. Nicolas aka "Cut"FCourbesseaux-StarkLes Brotistesyes
11. Damien aka "Arkhan"FTomblaine-Lannisteryes
12. Jérôme aka "Gallo"FEssey Les Nancy-Night's WatchLes Brotistesyes
13. Picard aka "ElPicPic"FRaucourt Et Flaba-BaratheonLes Gruiks ardentsyes
14. Kevin aka "Napalm"FJarny-Night's Watchyes
15. Loïc aka "Ash"FKanfen-Free FolkLes quiches Lorrainesyes
16. Marco aka "Marcvs"FThionville-Free FolkTanelorn57yes
17. Thibault aka "VaeVictis_"FCharleville-Mézières155Free FolkLes Gruiks ardentsyes
18. Lecomte aka "Cochondinde-nator"FHaybes182LannisterLes Gruiks ardentsyes

The tournament has reached the allowed limit of 18 players. Please contact the organizer for further details.

Distribution of Armies
Night's Watch:5
Free Folk:3
Distribution of Origins
Moselle (57):6
Meurthe-et-Moselle (54):4
Ardennes (08):3
Haute-Marne (52):3
Côte-d'Or (21):2
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