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X-Wing 2021 Winter Tournament - Information and Rules

Merry Critmas!

Players compete to see who can accrue the most "crits" .(critical damage)
The players with the highest number of “crits” at the end of the tournament receive a special prize

- For every critical damage that your opponent suffers you get one CP (Critpoint)
- Critical Damaged suffer but "with only shield damage" still counts!
- Every player keeps track of his/her CP

ROAD (Random Order After Dials)

1. Plannig phase: Choose Maneuvers
2. Determine player order: players roll 3 dice
- Most crits is 1st player
- if tie, most "eyes" is 1st
- if tie, most hits is 1st
- if tie, reroll
3. System face and so on....

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