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13. Karl-Franz Cup (The 9th Age) - List of Participants

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1. Christoph aka "JimmyGrill"DMünchen23Warriors of the Dark GodsCEO, bitch!no
2. Johannes aka "Klexe"DMünchen35Kingdom of EquitaineAgain bester Weigertno
3. Thomas aka "Dogday_Sunrise"DMünchen70Empire of Sonnstahlno
4. Christian aka "Durin_Eisenfuss"DMünchen34Dwarven HoldsWeiss Blaue Strategenno
5. Florian aka "Just_Flo"DRegensburg45Saurian AncientsDrachengildeno
6. Güney aka "Asrai"DTübingen112Daemon LegionsLiga der gewöhnlichen Gentlemenno
7. Dominik aka "Bash"DEsslingen107The Vermin SwarmSymbadischno
8. Martin aka "VladTepes"DRegensburg121The Vermin Swarmno

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