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SHADESPIRE - HEXEL 2019 - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Julien aka "Ju-Gurgle"FFréjus12Mollog’s MobCFVEno
2. David aka "Demecrios99"FSaint Raphael42Sepulchral GuardCFVEno
3. William aka "Bboysyphon"FNice35Ironskull's BoyzCFVEno
4. Angel G.FCannes-Garrek's ReaversDICE IRAEno
5. Driss aka "Mal-n-Driss"FCannes-Steelheart's ChampionsDICE IRAEno
6. Dorian D.FCannes-Stormsire's CursebreakersDICE IRAEno
7. Enzo G.FCannes-The Chosen AxesDICE IRAEno
8. Nolhan G.FCannes-Ironskull's BoyzDICE IRAEno
9. (anonym)-Thorns of the Briar QueenDICE IRAEno
10. Antoine G.FCannes-Steelheart's ChampionsDICE IRAEno
11. Pierre M.FCannes-Thorns of the Briar Queenno
12. (anonym)-Spiteclaw's Swarmno

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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