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As de l'Espace 2020 - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Philippe aka "El_Moutane"FGujan Mestras48ResistanceLes Wookies Bordelaisnono
2. Mathieu aka "Nitromax"FBordeaux189Galactic EmpireLes Wookies Bordelaisnono
3. Loïc aka "Bulbortagus"FAnglet289Galactic EmpireEuskal Turnovernono
4. François aka "Petit_Moff_Poesie"FBayonne315Galactic EmpireEuskal Turnovernono
5. Christophe aka "NecroBob"FHossegor584Scum and VillainyEuskal Turnovernono
6. Bruno aka "Pix"FBayonne1000Rebel Alliancenono
7. Damien aka "Parker64"FFromental-Resistancenono
8. Yann aka "cucu33"FCadaujac247Galactic EmpireDark Cafardsnono
9. Andrew aka "Le_Chancelier"FL Isle Jourdain42Galactic EmpireSquad Tolosànono
10. Patrice aka "Capitaine_xerxes"Froques sur garonne38ResistanceSquad Tolosànono
11. Maxime aka "Maxx"FBlagnac6Galactic EmpireSquad Tolosànono
12. Frederic aka "Fred2-D2"FToulouse18Scum and VillainySquad Tolosànono
13. Ruben aka "xDarKnight"ESan Sebastián158First OrderValhallanono
14. Gorka aka "GorkaBen"ESan Sebastian589ResistanceValhallanono
15. Ander aka "Burdin"EBarakaldo-Scum and VillainyLa_Guaridanono
16. Benjamin aka "JediYoda"FTalence28ResistanceLes Wookies Bordelaisnono

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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