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Dead War Apocalypse VII: Les sables d'illium - List of Participants

1. Olivier aka "Sethi"FBoutigny557Space MarinesCamp Ayes
2. Christophe aka "Brygnnar"FNoisy Le Sec1017Space WolvesCamp Ayes
3. Lilian aka "Fuegan"FLoury402EldarCamp Byes
4. Olivier aka "Drakkhenn"FPloërmel1204Chaos Space MarinesCamp Ayes
5. Guillaume aka "Luis"FTAIN L'HERMITAGE900Blood AngelsCamp Ayes
6. Frederic aka "tchoss"FMenthonnex-Sous-Clermont970Space MarinesCamp Ayes
7. Ludovic aka "Ludoled"FSaint Pierre En Faucigny196Adeptus CustodesCamp Ayes
8. Damien aka "sdc42"FVilly Le Pelloux248Adepta SororitasCamp Ayes
9. Loïc aka "elmout"BGerpinnes607Chaos Space MarinesCamp Byes
10. Robin aka "Buburne"BChastre1106Astra MilitarumCamp Byes
11. Christopher aka "NightBane"CHNyon1646EldarCamp Ayes
12. Philippe aka "Guntroll"CHTroinex1362T'au EmpireCamp Ayes
13. Lucas aka "ichilulu"FCrecy la Chapelle2630Death GuardCamp A bisyes
14. Thomas aka "pzy"FOrnex862Adeptus CustodesCamp A bisyes
15. Maliden aka "Malinus"FLa-Roche-De-Glun-Space MarinesCamp A bisyes
16. William aka "killiox"FBischwiller243Space MarinesCamp Byes
17. Valeye aka "Rysen"FSalon De Provence-Astra MilitarumCamp Byes
18. Yoan aka "Silenoz"FVendenheim177OrksCamp Byes
19. Ryan aka "Raychu"CHVernier-Dark AngelsCamp Byes
20. Julien aka "Aspeak"CHPlan-Les-Ouates-Dark AngelsCamp Byes
21. Thierry aka "valcoet"FBalazé1030Adeptus CustodesCamp Byes
22. Aurelien aka "Omega_Miniature"FCabannes-Imperial KnightsCamp B bisyes
23. Antony aka "Ragnar1970"FVersailles3809Astra MilitarumCamp A bisyes
24. Arthur aka "captainfire"FLyon205NecronsCamp A bisyes
25. Victor aka "Vict0r"FMontigny Les Metz693TyranidsCamp B bisyes
26. Guillaume aka "gouille"Fchateauneuf sur loire638Adeptus CustodesCamp B bisyes
27. Julien aka "Heavy"FSaint Mande417Space MarinesCamp B bisyes
28. Julien aka "Myrthou"FDonloup-Chaos Space MarinesCamp B bisyes
29. Yacine aka "Yacine"FParis3312Chaos Space MarinesCamp A bisyes
30. Oursa aka "oursa74"FGaillard2286Adeptus CustodesCamp B bisyes
31. Thierry aka "Arkesis"FSaint Pathus6028EldarCamp B bisyes
32. Florian aka "Floz16"BWayaux2205NecronsCamp B bisyes
33. Jarno aka "Makash"FSurjoux356Death GuardCamp A bisyes
34. Jean Bernard aka "Jb00020"FArgenteuil1234Chaos Space MarinesCamp A bisyes
Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
35. Romuald aka "Bjorn_red_claws"FMORANGIS408Space WolvesBjorn Solo pour le momentno
36. Elric aka "Tanith"FMeaux747Space Marines40Xno
37. Thibaut aka "FalckoPunk"FFouchy423Space MarinesInstant stratégiqueno

List of teams

1Camp B bisVict0r, Omega_Miniature, gouille, Heavy, oursa74, Myrthou, Arkesis, Floz16
2Camp ASethi, Brygnnar, Drakkhenn, Luis, tchoss, Ludoled, sdc42, NightBane, Guntroll
3Camp A bisJb00020, ichilulu, pzy, Ragnar1970, captainfire, Malinus, Yacine, Makash
4Camp BFuegan, elmout, Buburne, killiox, Rysen, Silenoz, valcoet, Raychu, Aspeak
Registered teams
5Instant stratégiqueFalckoPunk
7Bjorn Solo pour le momentBjorn_red_claws

Distribution of Armies
Adeptus Custodes:5
Chaos Space Marines:5
Space Marines:5
Astra Militarum:3
Dark Angels:2
Death Guard:2
Adepta Sororitas:1
Blood Angels:1
Imperial Knights:1
Space Wolves:1
T'au Empire:1
Distribution of Origins
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