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The 9th Worms XIII - List of Participants

1. Lukas aka "Skordanos"DWorms343Dwarven Holds1. Tabletop Worms e.V.yes
2. Markus Michael aka "Keller-Kind"DWorms342Åsklanders1. Tabletop Worms e.V.yes
Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
3. Robin aka "Sir_Robin"DAull64Warriors of the Dark GodsFireverdauferno
4. Moritz aka "Rock-n-Roll"DMannheim32The Vermin SwarmToolboxno
5. Christian aka "Starspieler"DBraunschweig38Empire of SonnstahlNo Wolfgangsno
6. Christian aka "Galain"DRuppichteroth385Saurian AncientsNo Club, no gainno

Distribution of Armies
Dwarven Holds:1
Distribution of Origins
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