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Dice Dust and Rust, 2000pt avec Drak'Aunis - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Guillaume aka "Suito"FBreuil-La-Réorte-Chaos Space MarinesSuitonnasno0
2. Sebastien aka "Seby2"Fsaintes180EldarFTAno0
3. Guillaume aka "Guyguy17"FLa Rochelle-Space WolvesWoodno0
4. Matthieu aka "Ptite-Barique"FPoitiers996Space Wolvesno0
5. Ju aka "Weiss"FGrosbreuil325Imperial KnightsHouse Steelno0
6. Eddy aka "Wolhraj"FBoisse2863Space Marinesno0
7. Thibault aka "Nokturn"FCastelnau-Le-Lez5351Chaos Space Marinesno0
8. (anonym)-Astra MilitarumCataphracteno0
9. Tony aka "Bamak"FPoitiers1050Chaos Space Marinesno0
10. Jean-Sébastien aka "Sekemtar"FLe Champ St Père-Necronsno0
11. Jonathan aka "ganjo"FGivrand1596Space WolvesK72Qno0
12. Maximilien aka "Maxourious"FLa Rochelle4853Space Marinesno0
13. Julien aka "Le_necron"FChallans-Eldarno0
14. Cedric aka "Redleader-79"FMougon-T'au Empireno0
15. (anonym)-Astra MilitarumARMY OF CREEDno0

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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