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Legion Day à Utopolys - List of Participants

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1. Samuel aka "expunk"FVilleneuve D' Ascq-RebelsLes Chatards !no
2. Noah aka "XVT367"FVilleneuve D'ascq-EmpireLes Chatards !no
3. Enguerrand aka "Engue"Blouvain-la-neuve-Galactic Republicno
4. Florian aka "Willbohor"FLille65Empireno
5. Sylvain aka "SylvainMat1"FLille-Rebelschti belgeno
6. Gerard aka "iradei59"FLezennes-RebelsA vos dés !no
7. Axel aka "Aquila-irae"FLezennes-EmpireA vos dés !no
8. Nicolas aka "Letchai"FComines20EmpireStar Wars Légion Franceno
9. Cyrill aka "RyoSWLFR"FWasquehal3SeparatistsStar Wars Légion Franceno

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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