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Tournoi 40k v9 à Cabourg - 2ème edition - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Benji aka "moyashi"FSt lunaire44Necronsno
2. Nicolas aka "Arnar_Aenor"FCaen46EldarVikingsno
3. Jerome aka "Maniaka"Fsaint mandé273DrukhariLTAno
4. Guillaume aka "Sardouille"FDinan2526NecronsFTA2no
5. Thomas aka "le_venerable"FSAint André de Bohon311TyranidsVikingsno
6. Florian aka "Yrian"FOrsay43EldarVikingsno
7. Thomas aka "Arkeon"FArgentan256Chaos KnightsLTAno
8. Julien aka "Algorn"FArgentan1570Adeptus CustodesVikingsno
9. Florian aka "Orbeck"FCherbourg334Thousand SonsLes Lutins du Cotentinno
10. Pierre aka "Matanza"FPacé176Adepta SororitasFTAno
11. Alexandre aka "doli"FCaen855The InquisitionOmbres et Lumièresno

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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