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Assaut sur Endor - Episode 1 - Jour 1 X-Wing - List of Participants

1. Corentin aka "OveR2"FSaran1Scum and VillainyOrléans Wargamesno
2. Jonathan aka "JJ87"FOttersthal75Galactic Republicno
3. Florent aka "Gundrek"FKurtzenhouse18Rebel AllianceHell's As Squadronno
4. Emmanuel aka "Immelman"FReims83Separatist AllianceSoleil Grisno
5. Florian aka "Le-Nain-"FBrumath38Rebel Allianceno
6. Julien aka "Tuner"FPlaine De Walsch40Scum and Villainyno
7. Philippe aka "MaitreGo"FSchiltigheim30ResistanceHell's As Squadronno

Distribution of Armies
Rebel Alliance:2
Scum and Villainy:2
Galactic Republic:1
Separatist Alliance:1
Distribution of Origins
Bas-Rhin (67):4
Loiret (45):1
Marne (51):1
Moselle (57):1
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