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Tabletop Südwest Jahresabschluss Turnier 2021 - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Heiko aka "Daemonic"DKarlsruhe4Daemon LegionsTeam Karlsruhenono
2. Luc aka "Oioko"DWincheringen28Sylvan ElvesTeam Karlsruhenono
3. Christian aka "Torek_dun"DDörrebach142Warriors of the Dark GodsTabletop Südwest TSWnono
4. Julius aka "Feaynnewedd"DKarlsruhe16Warriors of the Dark GodsLuckvögelnono
5. Frank aka "Frank"DSaarlouis391Dwarven HoldsTabletop Südwest TSWnono
6. Jan aka "GabbaGandalf"DFrankfurt am Main30Vampire CovenantThis is Spartanono
7. Anthony aka "blacky"DLünen70Sylvan ElvesFight Clubnono
8. Andreas aka "Necand1"DAppenweier129Dread ElvesWarhammer Ortenaukreisnono
9. Moritz aka "Rock-n-Roll"DMannheim13The Vermin SwarmToolboxnono
10. Christian aka "Starspieler"DFrankfurt am Main45Undying DynastiesThis is Spartanono
11. Simon aka "mr-modmoto"DKarlsruhe73The Vermin SwarmTeam Karlsruhenono

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Distribution of Origins
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