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La tour de Babelben 2 - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Julien aka "TicSon"FCastanet-Tolosan286YnnariSons of Chocolatinenono
2. Jean-Marie aka "Chestnut"FToulouse67Imperial KnightsMachomen’snono
3. Emmanuel aka "ManuP"FBeauzelle180Chaos KnightsMSUnono
4. Maxime aka "Gadzoou"FTournefeuille188DrukhariLa Voie du Thalosnono
5. Quentin aka "Ayji"FSaint Georges D'orques182Adepta SororitasManants des sourcesnono
6. Enzo aka "malaupied"FFabrègues174YnnariManants des sourcesnono
7. Berner aka "Para-Beber"FMontpellier203The InquisitionManants des sourcesnono
8. Fabien aka "Darsch"FMontpellier468OrksManants des sourcesnono
9. Antoine aka "Arkgnagar"FParis342Dark AngelsManants des sourcesnono
10. Jeremy aka "Ouro"FPoussan1404YnnariLa Waaagh de mon père !nono
11. Rodéric aka "MiniVect"FFleury-Les-Aubrais98T'au EmpireMSUnono
12. François aka "MardollTar"FMontgiscard300DrukhariSons of Chocolatinenono
13. Lucas aka "Azio"FLespignan-TyranidsLa Waaagh de mon père !nono
14. Thomas aka "LastJoke"FMontpellier-Genestealer CultsLa Waaagh de mon père !nono

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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