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le retour de la truie joyeuse - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Raphaël aka "le_roi_liche"FHuttenheim57The Vermin SwarmElsass Supreme Leaderno
2. Romain aka "sallustre"FKirchheim60Orcs and Goblinsla truie qui ritno
3. Julien aka "kraichti"FZillisheim76Infernal DwarvesSons of gamesno
4. Thibault aka "drachenfels"FSarrebourg359Warriors of the Dark Godsno
5. Mickael aka "Thunderman"FMetz79Kingdom of Equitainela truie qui ritno
6. Nicolas aka "Gensous"FMulhouse150Undying Dynastiesno
7. Didier aka "Malus_67"FStrasbourg156Dwarven Holdsno
8. Vincent aka "Sikaru"FStrasburg-Sylvan ElvesExpédition cenarienneno
9. Stephan aka "Trokler"FStrasbourg242Dread ElvesFrench connexionno
10. Julien aka "Mobidick"FMetz954Warriors of the Dark Godsno
11. Arthur aka "Caladris"FDiebolsheim108Beast HerdsL214 - Razortusk Divisionno
12. Frédéric aka "Elique"FHoerdt401Dread Elvesno
13. Sylvain aka "thetlis"FStrasbourg310Infernal DwarvesViva don Sallustreno
14. Leopold aka "leopold"LLuxembourg56Sylvan ElvesMaster of puppetsno

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Distribution of Origins
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