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Abgesagt - Information and Rules

The mission to make T9A in Austria great again continues.

Update: We will play a one day, 3 game tournament on sunday, because we wouldn´t have enough players for the 2 day version.

Deadline for payment, lists and played patch: 5.9.2020, 10:00 am. Late lists or payments each receive -3 penalty tournament points, for a maximum total of -6 points.

Send payment (10€) to:

Jan Philippi
AT28 2011 1291 5150 8600
Reference: T9A tournament

Send lists to: kontakt@jan-philippi.com

3 days before the tournament lists will be posted and 1st round matchups announced. Let the trashtalk begin!

If you don´t want to play against players from your area/club, let me know! There will be team protection for at least the first two rounds.


8:30 Doors open
08:45-10:00: Greeting
9:00-12:00: 1. Game
12:00-13:00: Break
13:00-16:00: 2. Game
16.15 - 19.15: 3. Game

19:15 Rankings & prices

4500 Points.

No auxillary armies.

No points for painting but there will be an extra price for the nicest/coolest army as well as the fairest player.

Deployment and Secondary to be announced.

Please bring armylist copies for your opponents. Lists MUST be in this format (newrecruit), wrong format will get you -3 tournament points:

[Name] [Nickname] [Last Name] - [Army]

[Points] – [Character] - [General/BSB], [Mount], [Mount Option], [Other Options/Equipment]

[Points] - [Amount] x [Unit1] - [Options], [M, S, C], [Magic Banner]
[Points] - [Amount] x [Unit2] - [Options], [M, S, C], [Magic Banner]
[Points] - [Amount] x [Unit3] - [Options], [M, S, C], [Magic Banner]

Sum: [total points]


Jan "Holger" Philippi - EoS

435 - Prelate, Horse, Great Weapon (King Slayer), Plate Armour, Locket of Sunna, Winter Cloak
420 - Wizard, Arcane Engine (Arcane Shield), Wizard Adept, Divination, Light Armour (Alchemist's Alloy)
385 - Knight Commander, General, Horse, Shield, Hand Weapon (The Light of Sonnstahl), Talisman of Shielding
270 - Marshal, Horse, Battle Standard (Stalker's Standard), Shield, Lance
225 - Prelate, Shield (Willow's Ward), Plate Armour, Lucky Charm
673 - 13 Electoral Cavalry, Shield, Knightly Orders, Lance, Standard Bearer (Banner of Speed), Musician, Champion
246 - 17 Light Infantry, Crossbow, Musician
215 - 5 Electoral Cavalry, Shield, Knightly Orders (Cavalry Pick)
185 - 5 Reiters, Repeater Gun
185 - 5 Reiters, Repeater Gun
245 - Artillery, Cannon
160 - Artillery, Imperial Rocketeer
475 - Steam Tank
380 - 25 Flagellants, Champion

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