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Belgian Masters XXXL - Information and Rules

Like last year, we aim to give you a weekend (Friday afternoon until Sunday evening) of wargaming fun, with several events lined up over the weekend, culminating into the battle for the crown of Belgian Master. We should have something fun for everyone, from a classic Steamroller, to a team event, to some fun formats (Brawlmachine is a strong contender for one).

Friday 19/02/2021 until Sunday 21/02/2021. We will start the first events after lunch on Friday and will go on until dinner time on Sunday.

Like last year, the venue will be Ibis Styles in Kortrijk. The hotel itself is located at a business park next to the motorway, so is easy to reach by car. The city of Kortrijk has a train station with direct connections to Lille, and from there London, or the Brussels National Airport.
The hotel will offer you rooms at a discounted price for the event. You may contact them directly to make your booking, through email or phone.

First things first, we'll of course have a fine selection of beers available at the hotel bar. Lunch (soup + sandwiches) on Saturday and Sunday will be included in your ticket. Breakfast will be included in your room prices.
Dinner will be possible at the hotel only on Friday, but there are several (fastfood) restaurants nearby the venue.

To ensure everyone's safety, we will of course adhere to the regulations concerning COVID-19, namely mandatory masks, hygiene and social distancing. This will also force us to limit attendance. Right now we are looking at a max of 40 people to allow enough space per person.
Note that this means that lunch will have to be had while you are all seated at the restaurant, rather than the quick bite in the adjacent room we had last edition.
Full rules will be announced closer to the event, when we have a better view at the situation.
We would also like to emphasize that while things are looking good for this to go ahead as planned, the situation may change and we may face further restrictions from the government, or even be forced to cancel. As such, we will not accept any payment until we're a 100% sure that we can go through with the organization. We will of course keep you posted.

Preliminary regulations
• You will be provided with sanitary wipes, a (disposable) mask, and sufficient sanitizing gel will be available at the venue. Please use these at your leisure. You are of course free to bring your own mask as well.
o These are included in your ticket price
• Follow the guidelines of the hotel.
• In the restaurant, sit with no more than X (depending on the legal requirements at the time) people at a table, preferably with people you've traveled with.
• ALWAYS wear a mask when you are not sitting. This includes, but is not limited to:
o While you are standing up to play your turn. While you are sitting, you may take off your mask, and have a sip of your beer!
o When you go to the restroom
o When you leave the building
o When you move to your room
• We would discourage shaking your opponent’s hand. While we of course value sportsmanship, everyone’s safety is currently more important.
• We would also like to ask everyone to bring their own equipment. The less people have to borrow widgets/dice/lasers/etc. from others, the safer it is for everyone.
• This probably goes without saying, but do not cough, sneeze, blow your nose, etc. at people, nor at the table. Preferably cough/sneeze in the inside of your elbow.
• Do not gather (around tables to spectate); keep a safe distance, both from players and from other spectators. We of course realise that everyone is exited for this, but we are required by law to ensure that social distancing is respected.
• This should go without saying, but please do not attend the event if you are feeling sick or are showing symptoms.

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