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Conect'R Team 40K 2017 manche 2 - Information and Rules

Welcome to the Conect'R Team's 2nd manche of 2017.

We hold 4 manches each year to fight for the title of the "Conect'R Club Champion" and bragging rights for the year :p
This is the perfect opportunity to get to know the Conect'R and get 3 great games of 40K in.

The purpose of making the manches open to everyone is to get to know the Conect'R and if you like what you see you have the option to join our club.
Non members are only allowed to play 1 manche as introduction to our awesome club! :)

Entree fee is €10 to be paid at the door. This will grant you 3 drink vouchers.
Please do not bring your own food. There is food available to purchase on site. Menu HERBERG T'HUIS

Please send in your armylist, in the proper format P15-16, BEFORE 31/05/2017 to 40k@conectr-team.be .

Army Building
1500P 1 Combined Arms Detachment
+ optional 1 Allied Detachment OR any 1 Inquisition Detachment OR Officio Assassinorum Detachments
FW allowed (except 30K & experimental)
Fortification allowed except AV15+ and fortification networks

Skitarii & Mechanicum are considered 1 codex.
Harlequins are considered part of the Eldar & Dark Eldar codex.

Battle Brothers will count as Allies of Convenience. All other ally variants stay the same.

We will play 3 rounds, the ETC FaQ & official GW FaQ's are being used.
Every scenario will be a combination of an Eternal War and Maelstrom of War mission.
The Eternal War mission will have a custom amount of objectives worth custom VP's.
We will be using an adjusted Maelstrom of War table in all scenario's.
You can score a maximum of 3 Maelstrom objectives per turn.
First Blood, Slay The Warlord and linebreaker are in effect.
Score a maximum of 8 points for KP differential.
All scenarios will have 6 objective markers in total, some may only be used for Maelstrom.
Mysterious objectives will not be used.
Wiping a player will result in a 20-0 score. Please still count the VP's from the game for tie breakers.

Scenario 1
Eternal War: the scouring (6 objectives, each player deploys 3 objectives worth 1, 2 and 3VP's. Values noted in secret. Before rolling to seize, reveal the value of each marker.)
Destroyed Fast Attack units are worth 1VP.
Maelstrom: cleanse and control
hammer and anvil deployment

Scenario 2
Eternal War: big guns never tire (4 objectives, 3VP each)
Destroyed Heavy Support units are worth 1VP.
Maelstrom: deadlock
vanguard strike deployment

Scenario 3
Eternal War: the emperors will - 2 objectives: 4VP each
Destroyed HQ and Elite units are worth 1VP.
Maelstrom: contact lost
Deployment: dawn of war

Starting a game steps:
1) Discuss terrain.
2) Army lists.
3) Roll off to place objectives. **
4) Roll-off to choose table sides. **
5) Pre-game rolls: gifts, boons, psychic powers, ... *
6) Roll for warlord traits.*
7) Potential night fight roll.
8) Roll-off for deployment - Infiltrators
9) Decide who goes first - scout moves
10) Potential seize the initiative
* Beginning with the player that chose the deployment zone.
** Scenario 3: place 4 objectives at step 3 and place the 2 Emperor's will objectives* after step 4.

Scoring Points at the tournament
20 points per battle
20 Points on painting
5 points for sending armylist on time without error(s)
15 points for being present :)

For your final position in the tournament we will look to your wins/draws/losses first and then to your points scored per battle.
Painting will be considered a 4th individual battle. You win it by scoring more than half the points on painting!
+8P Your whole army is painted.
+4P Your army has extra details. Techniques used like highlighting, inking, drybrushing, etc.
+2P Your whole army is based.
+2P Your bases have extra details on them, they are not just painted.
+2P Your army has a theme and looks like a whole.
+2P Squad marking: a way to keep units distinguishable from each other if applicable.
-8P Your army is not WYSIWYG.

09:00 - 09:15 registration and setup. Scenery will be provided and fixed.
09:15 - 12:15 First battle
12:15- 12:45 Lunch Break (Please order your food on site. Menu HERBERG T' HUIS)
12:45 - 15:45 Second battle
15:45 - 16:00 Break
16:00 - 19:00 Third Battle

We limit the amount of spaces to 12 to be able to provide good and spacious gaming tables.
Tables will be an inch or 2 short on the long table edges downstairs and 8 inches upstairs :/ Please use the wobbly model syndrome here in case it's necessary :)

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