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NTRv3.0 - National Tournament Ranking Austria - Field of Glory - Ancient and Medieval

Start of the data acquistion: 2004-01-01
Last update: 2023-03-22 05:30
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1 -Martin aka "Martin0112"DSteinheim20.02
2 -Harald aka "HarryR"ABad Vöslau30.02
3 -Ferdi aka "Sulla_von_Rom"DBerlin10.02
4 -Sacha aka "Realstarbuck"ABruck an der Leitha30.01
5 -Karol aka "Karol"SKBratislava20.01
6 -Tim aka "Pringoools"DRottenburg am Neckar10.01
7 -Grzegorz B.AWien10.01
8 -Jürgen P.AWien30.01
9 -Bodo aka "Bodoli"DMoschheim10.00
10 -Lynx &.AWien10.00
11 -der aka "Der_Fels"AWien10.00

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