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Gaming Clubs - Xhammer

Club Details
Name: Xhammer
Contact: Nehekharan (Contact), A-Poc (Contact)
Meeting Place: Wolffaertshof Aartselaar
Address: Baron van Ertbornstraat 7
2630 Aartselaar
Description: Xhammer is a small gaming-club counting about 25 members located near Antwerp (Aartselaar). Mostly we play Warhammer (Fantasy Battles and 40K), X-Wing, Blood Bowl and Boardgames are played on a regular basis as well.

Twice a month we come togheter to play our games. We do this in Aartselaar. These nights are an excellent occasion to meet the other members of the club or to join tutorial battles if you're new to the hobby. Be sure to drop by !

During summer we organise our already legendary Xhammer BBQ and during winter the Xhammer Weekend where we combine fun, food & games into mix of pure fun !
We also give demo's on large fairs such as Crisis, be sure to stop for a chat when you encounter us there.

And last but not least: Xhammer has developed a system that makes our gaming-lives a lot easier. Our Challenge System allows you to place a challenge for a battlenight in the future so that you're sure that you have a table and an opponent and don't show up for nothing.
Website: http://www.xhammer.be
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The club has 23 listed members:


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