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Belgian national championship X-Wing

BIG Award
Here are the X-wing Nationals! We have expanded the tournament to 180 players. To be sure of your spot please deposite 20euro to BE82001477879468. (Mention : X-WING NATIONALS & YOUR NAME)

It will be a 2 days event. Day 1 (swiss rounds depending on how many players) and day 2 (top 8 or top 16)! Day 2 will take place in Outpost Ghent on Sunday 12th of November! (start : 12h00)

Organizer: OutpostGent (Contact)

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Gamesystem: Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game (XWING)
Start: 2017-11-11 12:00
End: 2017-11-13 11:00
Seats: 180
Charge: 20
St. Paulus instituut
Patijntjestraat 45
9000 Gent

Website: http://www.outpost.be/website/

Info: The tournament has ended.


2017-11-10 22:29
squadlist reception closed

Hello players! We're super exited for tomorrow, but even we need to get our sleep, so we're now closing squadlist reception.

If you still haven't sent in your list, remember to bring a printed version with you tomorrow.

Same with payment, if you haven't paid for your entry yet, remember to bring cash payment tomorrow!

See you all very soon!
Outpost Ghent

written by OutpostGent
2017-11-08 12:56
prepayment closed - plates sale - livestream

Prepayment for the X-Wing nationals is now closed. It is still possible to enroll, and we have plenty of space left!
If you have not yet enrolled or you have enrolled but not yet paid, you can pay at the door on 11/11. Make sure you arrive at the venue before 09h30 to make this process as quick and smooth as possible.

The plates we are using as playing surfaces will go on sale after the tournament! The MDF plates measure 3'x3' and are perfect to provide a flat surface for X-Wing, Runewars, or any other miniature games! You can take one home for just 5 euro, which is less than we paid for them!

We will be providing a livestream during the tournament! Courtesy of Niek Bergans of the Spark of Rebellion blog, you can follow the tournament at Sparkofrebellion.twitch.tv

written by OutpostGent
2017-11-05 11:56
payment & squadlist !update

Payments and squadlists received updated up to 02/11.

If you have not yet made your payment and wish to participate, do so urgently! Be sure to contact us via T3, facebook or bas@outpost.be to notify us of the incoming payment, or you might not be able to participate!

Squadlists are expected by 10/11 and can be sent to us via T3, facebook or bas@outpost.be

Thank you, and see you this weekend!

written by OutpostGent
2017-10-29 11:15
Food at the X-Wing nationals

The following food items will be available during Day 1 of the tournament.

In the morning :

Pastries (2.5euro)
Sandwiches (3euro-4euro)

At lunch: (orders will be taken between round 1&2)
We will have freshly made Japanees dishes.

Freshly made Sushi (10euro)
Japanese curry (8euro)
Bento Box (9euro)
Sandwiches (3euro-4euro)

In the Evening :

Freshly made Sushi (10euro)
Japanese curry (8euro)
Bento Box (9euro)
Sandwiches (3euro-4euro)

written by OutpostGent
2017-10-25 17:29
Errata & Guns for Hire

Another big news update!

A new errata/FAQ is live! Since its date of effect is before the nationals (06/11), keep in mind that this WILL be in effect! Better start testing!

It is also confirmed that Guns For Hire will be available in stores by the release date, so the new versions of the Kihraxz and the StarViper and all included upgrade cards will be legal at the tournament!

Starting now, all squad lists received will be considered final. Please send in your lists via our T3 contact, facebook contact, or to bas@outpost.be.

written by OutpostGent
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