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X-wing Brussels TEAM EVENT

- 12 teams, each with three players, each with the three game factions and one captain;
- 4 rounds + TOP4: teams paired against each other by Swiss system, then pairings 1 vs. 1 determined by team captains (more info in the rules)
- All current X-Wing expansions from Fantasy Flight Games are legal.
- Captains to provide the three squads & identify the players by 26th of November.

Organizers: Rahfa (Contact), Tyrt (Contact)

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Gamesystem: Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game (XWING) - Team Tournament
Team size: 3 players per team
Start: 2017-12-03 10:00
End: 2017-12-03 20:00
Seats: 36
Charge: 10
Outpost Brussels
Rue de la Tribune 8
1000 Bruxelles


Info: The tournament has ended.


2017-12-01 12:56
Timetable and news of squadron list

This is the timetable of the tournament:

Opening doors 10.30
R1 : 11h - 12h20
R2 : 12h50 - 14h10
R3: 14h40 - 16h
R4 : 16h20 - 17h40
Prizing 18h
Semi final 18h20
Final 20h

Please read the seeding indivudual match before the tournament and bring your map ;-)

Also we have a 10th team :-).
I send in few minute all the list of the 9 first team only to player who send the list and I ll send the 3 last tonight

written by Rahfa
2017-11-18 14:42
Small squadlist restriction for Team Event

Hello players!!

We decide to put a new rule for the squadron. It appear logic for us so we won't allow to have an identic named pilot/co-pilot in 2 diferents squadrons. So if you send me one squadron Rebel and Scum with both Nym inside. I will ask you to change it. Same case for Boba Empire and Scum or Boba copilot scum. The restriction is not applicable on generic pilot, droides or other type of cards.

We wait your squadlist untill the 26/11. Don't forget it ;-)

Team R2T3

written by Rahfa

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