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X-Wing Belgian nationals 2018 Flight B

The tournament structure is modeled for two separate flights, which will
culminate in a combined top cut. It will take place over two separate
flights on the 22nd and 29th of December, with the top 8 cut of both
days proceeding to the 30th of December! Players who do not make the top
cut on day 1 will NOT be able to re-apply to day 2.

Organizer: OutpostGent (Contact)

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Gamesystem: Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game (XWING)
Start: 2018-12-29 11:00
End: 2018-12-30 08:00
Seats: 64
Charge: 20
Outpost Gent
Ottergemsesteenweg 13
9000 Gent


Info: The tournament has ended.


2018-12-27 15:12

As a general request, if you are able to bring a playmat to the nationals tournament this weekend, please do so. While we have plenty of stable, flat playing surfaces, we are unfortunately unable to provide 30+ playmats. Thank you!

written by OutpostGent
2018-12-17 12:49
squadlist update

The deadline for squadlists is now over, and we have 55 players signed up across both flights!

If you still need to send in your squadlists, it is still possible, but contact us directly first at bas@outpost.be. Please note that participants of flight B cannot send in their lists after the 21st as a definitive end point, to prevent the possibility of scouting

written by OutpostGent
2018-12-14 15:38
squadlists & promo's

General reminder that squadlists for participating in the Belgian nationals are expected by the end of the weekend. That is two days from now!
Please send in your squadlists as a PDF file made with the official FFG squadbuilder to bas@outpost.be

In other news, our judge has dug into his own pockets to order up a little something extra for every single participant. While we'll keep the exact extra a surprise, let us just say you won't be quite as sad about that 1st edition Kylo promo anymore. ;)

written by OutpostGent
2018-12-08 18:05
squadlist deadline and Wave II legality

The deadline for sending in squadlists is midnight of sunday 16th of december. Please send in a PDF copy of your squadlist, made with the official squadbuilder app from FFG, to bas@outpost.be Any copy sent in this way will be considered your final entry.

Since the premier legality for X-Wing release wave II, including all Resistance and First Order ships, pilots and upgrades, is december 24th, these will NOT be legal for play at the Belgian nationals! This includes all ships and upgrades included in these expansions.

written by OutpostGent

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