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Hyperspace Trial Mechelen

Hyperspace Trial Mechelen

Organizer: Qanar (Contact)

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Gamesystem: Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game (XWING)
Start: 2019-05-30 09:00
End: 2019-05-30 22:00
Seats: 48
Charge: 20
Spelfanaat Mechelen
Putsesteenweg 17
2800 Mechelen


Info: The tournament has ended.


2019-05-28 22:02
Two more days!

Just 2 more days! We still have a waiting list. If you're not able to make it please let me know via facebook messenger or nbergans@gmail.com. Thank you!

If you ARE able to make it, please bring following items.
- Your list, printed from https://squadbuilder.fantasyflightgames.com/ twice (or more)
- All official miniatures, dials, cards, tokens etc needed for your list.
- A playmat we're allowed to use.

If you're not able to print your list I can print it for you. Just send me a mail.

Don't bring your own drinks as we have a fully stocked bar. Croque monsieurs and hotdogs will also be available.

See you all thursday!

written by Qanar
2019-05-25 11:11
One more week!

Just one more week until Hyperspace Trial Mechelen. Currently we're filled up. This means everyone under "Registered Players - Sign up not final yet" is currently on a waiting list. If you're not able to attend please let me know. If you are on the waiting list and somehow get a spot I will try to contact you personally.

Doors open at 9.00. Please be on time!

Final registration by 9.30, first round starts at 10.00.
Tournament will be 6 rounds, with a top 8.
This is a lot of x-wing in one day, so prepare for a tight schedule.

If you have a first-round bye you intend to use please let me know beforehand.

No need to send in list beforehand, you will do a list check of your opponent's list before round 1.
Payment onsite either cash or card.

Croques, other snacks and drinks available at democratic prices. Please don't bring your own drinks.

Parking is nearby on Putsesteenweg at the parking lot for the Aldi/Kruidvat/Action.

I will use https://tabletop.to/hyperspace-trial-mechelen for pairings, feel free to follow along.

If you have an official mat, please bring it to let us use it during the event.

See you all next week!

written by Qanar

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