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FORGE WAR - le Choix des Armes part 2 - List of Participants

1. Jérémie aka "Tamaky"FToulouse1027Space WolvesTeam Thalosyesyes
2. Luc aka "Narvel"FCorronsac1037Eldaryesyes
3. Cédric aka "KirkDoubleAs"FBuzet-sur-Tarn1076Astra Militarumyesyes
4. Armand aka "Kantor81"FCastres338Space MarinesLa Voie du Thalosyesyes
5. Julien aka "le_poete"FPau3Space Marinesyesyes
6. Guillaume aka "gondhir"FCaraman478Space MarinesCroisés Occitansyesyes
7. Adrien aka "Nirdada"FToulouse2673Chaos Space Marinesyesyes
8. Johan aka "EvilsGod"FBalma540Space MarinesTeam Thalosyesyes
9. Romain M.FCastanet-Tolosan-Eldaryesyes
10. Olivier aka "head-hunter"FColomiers251Space Marineswargames32yesyes
11. Anthony aka "totoche31"FAucamville-Space Wolvesyesyes
12. Christophe aka "soclerond"FAlbi267Chaos Daemonscadets de gascogneyesyes
13. Seb aka "Glouton"FBalma265Cult Mechanicusyesyes
14. Fabien aka "Caribou_powa"FGrenade2149Space Marinesyesyes
15. Jonathan aka "Sgt_Doom"FVillefranche-De-Lauragais1765Space Marinesyesyes
16. Yann aka "Natame"FVillefranche De Lauragais-Chaos Space Marinesyesyes
17. Xavier aka "Zurran"FToulouse524Dark AngelsWargame 32yesyes
18. Sanhes aka "ethanl"FToulouse464Blood Angelsyesyes
Waiting Queue
19. Christophe aka "Celtill"FSaint Alban627Chaos Space MarinesSeigneur de l'impériumyesyes
20. Matthieu aka "Tanker"FToulouse61Space MarinesCroisés Occitansyesyes
21. Adrien aka "N3zuM1"FAyguesvives837Space Marinesyesyes
22. Yoahn aka "Yoyo31"FBaziège931T'au EmpireLa Voie du Thalosyesyes

Distribution of Armies
Space Marines:7
Chaos Space Marines:2
Space Wolves:2
Astra Militarum:1
Chaos Daemons:1
Cult Mechanicus:1
Dark Angels:1
Distribution of Origins
Haute-Garonne (31):12
Tarn (81):2
Pyrénées-Atlantiques (64):1
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