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IWC 2019 MEG - List of Participants

1. Peter aka "kokorhekkus"UKWalton Le Dale-Western Later Foederate Romanyesyes
2. Simon aka "MeG-Meister"ZASomerset West-Mid Republican RomanAuthor on tour 2019yesyes
3. Denis aka "denis17"FChaniers-Spartacus Slave Revoltjeu de simulation saintongaisyesyes
4. Anthony aka "Loor"FAndernos Les Bains-Apulianyesyes
5. Jacques aka "bahdahbum"BEtterbeek-Apulianyesyes
6. Bruno aka "onurbm"FHouilles-ApulianORMyesyes
7. Ray aka "Raymondo"UKSutton-Apulianyesyes
Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
8. Gilles aka "PUNCH"FThe Hill-SamniteImmortels de Paris Ouestnoyes
9. Jean Luc aka "Jilu"BUccle-Apuliannoyes
10. Frederic aka "Dufred"FLa Varenne Saint Hilaire-ApulianOst Rueil Malmaisonnoyes
11. Olivier J.BErquinghem Lys-Later Republican Romannoyes
12. Pierre-Alexandre J.BErquinghem Lys-Western Later Foederate Romannoyes
13. Serge aka "Dogwar"BBruxelles-Bruttiannoyes
14. Roger aka "Door5"UKCoventry-Italian Hill TribesRASCALnoyes
15. Adrian aka "Chinks"UKBletchley-Later Republican RomanRASCALnoyes
16. Frederic aka "Frederic"FAngers-Apuliannoyes
17. Thomas aka "Ikmuzun"BHonnelles-Apuliannoyes
18. Fabien aka "fabfig"BBruxelles-Imperial Romannoyes

The tournament has reached the allowed limit of 18 players. Please contact the organizer for further details.

Distribution of Armies
Mid Republican Roman:1
Spartacus Slave Revolt:1
Western Later Foederate Roman:1
Distribution of Origins
UKUnited Kingdom:2
ZASouth Africa:1
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