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Kill Team Clash Vol3 - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Alexandre aka "botozashi"BEvere13Astra MilitarumMartyr Force Imperatornono
2. Arnaud aka "Arnaud_vb"BSint-Agatha-Berchem12Adeptus MechanicusThe Cog Suckersnono
3. Christophe aka "ChrisC"BBruxelles-DeathwatchTeamWatchnono
4. Quentin aka "Pigey"BBruxelles-HarlequinsTeam Beau Jeunono
5. Grégory aka "Greg-du-1082"BBruxelles7Adeptus AstartesBlue Jean Teamnono
6. (anonym)-Thousand SonsThousand sons alphanono
7. Kev aka "ludiart"BChatelineau-Tyranidsnono
8. Louis aka "Pitch"BBruxelles-Genestealer Cultnono
9. Patrick aka "pat79"BSoignies-Harlequinsnono
10. Thomas aka "Torms"BForest1Deathwatchnono
11. Julien aka "Julius8806"BEvere-TyranidsLes rodeurs cauchemardesquesnono

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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