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Bastards Ath War : 9thage - List of Participants

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1. Gilles aka "Heleran"BKain111Empire of SonnstahlLa Tour d ebenenono
2. Loick aka "logik"BBruxelles4Kingdom of EquitaineSaaannnngggglieerrrrrrrsnono
3. Geoffrey aka "Gregor"BLigne15Daemon LegionsTeam Belgiumnono
4. Guy aka "IHDarklord"BRoeselare1Undying DynastiesTeam Belgiumnono
5. Cédric aka "Moussococo"BEcaussinnes-d'Enghien52Beast HerdsSaaannnngggglieerrrrrrrsnono
6. François aka "Valmir"BAth2Orcs and GoblinsSaaannnngggglieerrrrrrrsnono
7. Merlijn aka "Merlijn"Bbeveren19Sylvan ElvesTeam Belgiumnono
8. Vincent aka "jacktherror"BJette24Daemon Legionsnono
9. Quentin aka "Morkall"BWemmel18Orcs and GoblinsBrussels Fanaticsnono
10. François aka "Jaina"FRouen8Daemon LegionsHOT&BASH Normandynono
11. Christopher aka "Rothulf"BWemmel14Warriors of the Dark GodsBrussels Fanaticsnono
12. Jeoffrey aka "Molkhiar"BTournai88Dread Elvesnono
13. Tom aka "Dhoruil"BRoeselare84The Vermin SwarmPink hordenono

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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