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Hobby One The Ninth Age Round 4 - Tournament Rating

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B (2)
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B (1.7)

Flow / Progress 
B (1.6)
Orderliness top-rating
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B (1.8)
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B (1.9)
Tables top-rating
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B (1.7)
B (1.7)

Given Votes: 16 / 26 (62%)

Comments* about the tournament (10)

Encore un chouette tournoi ! Merci et bien vite le prochain ! ;)


Super tout très bien Hadri toujours au top


First, I really think it was a very good tournament. I played only very nice people, had much fun during and between the game and enjoyed playing in an international environment. Special Thanks for updating the rules etc in English!

A few remarks in order to make the tournament even better:
maybe not put a playing table so close to the bathroom, as long as there is some space elsewhere.
You put a big emphasis on sending the lists in time and correct, however I am not sure if all where checked properly (which can be very annoying and time consuming). Some lists seemed to have little mistakes (e.g. a ridden monster with a Item rewarding a ward save).
Also, communication about bonus points was a bit iffy. While one guy got minus points for sending his list too late (which was according to the rules), I am not sure if thoose who did not have their copied army lists with them also got minus points.
Lastly, the time between the end of the last game and the announcing of the results was a bit long - at least for the designated driver awaiting a two hour ride back ;-)

Again, theese are details and I very much enjoyed playing your tournament!

Comment of the organizer(s):
Hi mate !

Your comments are trully appreciated and duly noted!
We are eager to improve our event and your feedback will help us in that matter.

See you next time :)

Greetings from Germany,

Your tournament was awesome! I will attend the next time for sure! Very friendly participants and a real cool location.

Kind regards.

PS. THX again for your voting for my army as Best Painted. I am honored.


Super tournoi comme dab !!
Thx to my 3 opponents !!


3 parties fortement intéressantes. Les deux premières contre Adrien et André, indécises jusqu' au dernier tour. Très bien les 3 heures, ça nous a permis d aller jusqu' au dénouement final.
Super ambiance et des étrangers très sympas.


TOP tournoi!! Hadrien & Max à l'organisation.. on ne change pas une équipe qui gagne!!
Super bonne ambiance avec des adversaires venus des 4 coins du pays ainsi que de deux pays limitrophes. Des affrontements sanglants sur des champs de bataille super bien décorés :o).. Que demander de plus? Vivement le prochain!!


Super tournois plein de rebondissement et de partie mouvementée .Merci à mes adversaires , à l'orga , et a tous les autres ^^
Et encore GG a Morkall pour cette 3eme place bien méritée .
A très bientôt


Chouette journée passée à Huy.
3 parties avec des rebondissements, des gros corps à corps bien sanglant et des jets de poignées de dés.
Encore bravo à Vince pour sa victoire contre mes skavens.


Very good tournament , 3 hours was a bit long ..

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