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Hammers & Swords 2019 - Tournament Rating

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Location / Venue 
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Flow / Progress 
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Opponent's Army Lists 
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C (3.1)
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A (1.1)

Given Votes: 15 / 29 (52%)

Comments* about the tournament (4)

Very nice tournament, good crowd and nice ambiance. We will be back!

Two little notes for the future:
- Do first-game pairings in advance... saves a bit of time
- Double check terrains on tables... you should not have 2 impassable next to each other that allow LoS but no movement through them.


top tournament i come back to the second edition


I enjoyed the tournament very much, but I do have a few points:

Size of the terrain: some terrain pieces are huge by T9A standards. It might be that I have been pampered by playing with the 2d terrain, but in some cases the tables were cluttered with terrain (my first table had like 8 or 9 impassable terrains) or had a couple of very big terrain pieces. Not a huge deal, but definitely room for improvement.

Price of the food: the food was expensive. It was good and tasty and well prepared I have to give you that, but expensive for the portion that you get. Most tournaments have food included.

Otherwise, I had great fun and I will definitely come back again.


Thx for the great event!
There is always ways to improve, but for it being your first tourny in some time it went well! Really liked your Club house and the huge gaming tables! Terrain could be adapted to T9A standarts. Mett may nice people and will likely come again!

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