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Guild'Con Tournoi de Fury - Tournament Results

Players' Awards

FAlexandre aka "Belial33"player-award-bestgeneralBest General
FAmaël aka "Saraznain"player-award-specialSpecial Prize - Plus gros fail!
FLaurent aka "Jerreck"player-award-specialSpecial Prize - Maître logistitien
FRomain aka "Le_Lapin"player-award-specialSpecial Prize - Trollage de troll

Single Player Results:

No. Place Name Origin Team Army Total
1.1.p1Alexandre aka "Belial33"player-award-bestgeneralFBordeauxForge studioServiteurs d'Ygmir12
2.2.p2Jerome aka "hidakisada"FEysinesRoyaume d'Esialdès10
3.3.p3Rémi aka "T-Ragnar-B"FToulouseEmpire Orque d'Azerkelar10
4.4.Romain aka "Le_Lapin"player-award-specialFSautronVixens9
5.5.Laurent aka "Jerreck"player-award-specialFCastelnau De MedocForge studioFraternité du Carnage9
6.6.Jerome aka "Whispe"FGradignanForge studioRépublique Socialiste Soviétique Gobeline9
7.7.Raphael aka "rafpark"FLa MerlatièreBrioches BrothersEmpire Orque d'Azerkelar7
8.8.Gilles aka "gilel"FSaint Médard En JallesLa GuildVixens7
9.9.Mori aka "Morikun"FBordeauxVixens6
10.10.Antoine aka "cainemcgregor"FBordeauxFraternité du Carnage4
11.11.Amaël aka "Saraznain"player-award-specialFGradignanMercenaires3
12.12.Gaston aka "Larkin85"FCoëxBrioches BrothersCaravaniers Nains1
Description of the used abbreviations (not all have to be used): AC=Army Composition, PR=Paint Rating, FP=Fairplay, QP=Quiz points, OP=Other points

Team Results (at least 2 players):

1.Forge studio (3)10.00
2.Brioches Brothers (2)4.00

City Results (at least 2 players):

1.Bordeaux (3)7.33
2.Gradignan (2)6.00

Army Results:

1.Serviteurs d'Ygmir (1)12.00
2.Royaume d'Esialdès (1)10.00
3.République Socialiste Soviétique Gobeline (1)9.00
4.Empire Orque d'Azerkelar (2)8.50
5.Vixens (3)7.33
6.Fraternité du Carnage (2)6.50
7.Mercenaires (1)3.00
8.Caravaniers Nains (1)1.00
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