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Cartazimut * National de Belgique 2018 - Tournament Results

Single Player Results:

No. Place Name Origin Team Army Total
1.1.p1Jimmy aka "BB-H8"BBalenEgo SquadronScum and Villainy9
2.2.p2Arnault aka "Arnault"BGerpinnesSpace OdditiesGalactic Empire8
3.3.p3Pierre aka "Futil"FIssy-Les-MoulineauxEscadron les Têtes BruléesScum and Villainy8
4.4.Klaas Harm aka "Ham_Kaas"NLMenaldumGalactic Empire6
5.5.Remy aka "DarkMaugan"BMarcinelleZ.S.M.F.CScum and Villainy6
6.6.Michel aka "Nehekharan"BTerhagenXhammerScum and Villainy5
7.7.Mankit aka "Mankit"NLGroningenGalactic Empire5
8.8.Steve aka "Troll_mops"BPapigniesR2T3Galactic Empire5
9.9.Benoist aka "Darth_Hunter"FNantesEscadron les Têtes BruléesScum and Villainy5
10.10.Patrick aka "tricki"BZoerselXhammerGalactic Empire5
11.11.Jelte aka "DeBoer"NLAmsterdamAmsterdam SquadronScum and Villainy4
12.12.Niek aka "Qanar"BEdegemEgo SquadronRebel Alliance4
13.13.Nicolas aka "Elred"FPoissyEscadron les Têtes BruléesGalactic Empire4
14.14.Raphael aka "Rahfa"BBruxellesR2T3Galactic Empire4
15.15.Thomas aka "Lockonstratos"BRoosdaalHermelijnRebel Alliance4
16.16.Maxime aka "Max-Martigan"FSaint-DenisEscadron Les Têtes BrûléesGalactic Empire3
17.17.Marcel aka "Frerin"DAachenaiX-WingsScum and Villainy4
18.18.Timo aka "Timo7777"DAachenaiX-WingsScum and Villainy4
19.19.Johan aka "lauthian"BGesvesFXgawingScum and Villainy4
20.20.Yann aka "Nnayl"FRueil MalmaisonEscadron les Têtes BruléesGalactic Empire3
21.21.Ryan aka "Ltcwinger"DGeilenkirchenGalactic Empire3
22.22.Julien aka "Chtimi"FTourcoingNorthern Rebel SquadronScum and Villainy3
23.23.Matthieu aka "Celewyr"FPhalempinNorthern Rebel SquadronGalactic Empire3
24.24.Stephane aka "captcav"FVerneuil Sur SeineEscadron les Têtes BruléesScum and Villainy3
25.25.Nick aka "Nicknack"BMechelenEgo SquadronScum and Villainy3
26.26.Daniel aka "Pelayo"FMontgeronEscadron les têtes bruléesGalactic Empire3
27.27.Jean-Francois aka "Bfg9999"BHeusyroXor teamRebel Alliance3
28.28.Laurent aka "Auramagma"BHognoulScum and Villainy3
29.29.Romain aka "Khamal"FLilleNorthern Rebel SquadronRebel Alliance3
30.30.Manuel aka "Hobs"BBrusselsR2T3Scum and Villainy3
31.31.Loic aka "Ble-roy"FLilleNorthern Rebel SquadronRebel Alliance3
32.32.Steve aka "Henniak"BBouffioulxGalactic Empire3
33.33.Gino aka "Don_Gino"BElewijtXhammerRebel Alliance2
34.34.Pieter aka "Phineas"BMechelenEgo SquadronScum and Villainy2
35.35.Evan aka "LegionThree"DBreberenSpartaScum and Villainy2
36.36.Jean-Christophe aka "ducfeanor"BWavreRebel Alliance2
37.37.Didier aka "Acapulco"BErembodegemHermelijnRebel Alliance2
38.38.Wouter aka "A-Poc"BEkerenXhammerGalactic Empire2
39.39.Charles C.DSelfkantTri-Boarder X-WingGalactic Empire2
40.40.Fabian aka "Slaxxer"DAachenScum and Villainy2
41.41.Tim aka "Tim1980"BNijlenXhammerRebel Alliance2
42.42.Tim aka "Hargrim"BEkerenXhammerRebel Alliance2
43.43.Sebastien aka "Basthyen"FChuisnesEscadron les Têtes BruléesRebel Alliance2
44.44.Lore aka "RainBowDash_"BTerhagenXhammerScum and Villainy2
45.45.Benoît aka "Aslar"BNamurZ.S.M.F.CRebel Alliance2
46.46.Yves aka "RookiePilot"BSpyRebel Alliance1
47.47.Robin aka "RobinHood"BTerhagenXhammerGalactic Empire1
48.48.Thomas aka "Gr1mbone"BTrazegniesGalactic Empire1
49.49.Romain aka "elrom"BLiègeGalactic Empire0
Description of the used abbreviations (not all have to be used): AC=Army Composition, PR=Paint Rating, FP=Fairplay, QP=Quiz points, OP=Other points

Team Results (at least 2 players):

1.Ego Squadron (4)4.50
2.aiX-Wings (2)4.00
3.Z.S.M.F.C (2)4.00
4.R2T3 (3)4.00
5.Escadron les Têtes Brulées (8)3.88
6.Northern Rebel Squadron (4)3.00
7.Hermelijn (2)3.00
8.Xhammer (8)2.63

City Results (at least 2 players):

1.Aachen (3)3.33
2.Lille (2)3.00
3.Terhagen (3)2.67
4.Mechelen (2)2.50
5.Ekeren (2)2.00

Army Results:

1.Scum and Villainy (18)4.00
2.Galactic Empire (18)3.39
3.Rebel Alliance (13)2.46
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