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X-WING Hyperspace Trial 2020 Toulouse [Régional] - List of Participants

1. Alfredo aka "Txutxo"FLabastidette140Scum and VillainyOrk'n Azesyesyes
2. Yves-Marie aka "Aldenoer"FTalence1Galactic EmpireWookies bordelaisyesyes
3. Florent aka "Florent0702"FBessens110ResistanceLes Francs-archersyesyes
4. Pierre aka "Futil"FIssy-Les-Moulineaux6Scum and VillainyEscadrons Les Têtes Bruléesyesyes
5. Armand aka "Kantor81"FCastres62ResistanceLa Voie du Thalosyesyes
6. Jean-Michel aka "Freeman_BZH"FToulouse139Scum and VillainySquad Tolosàyesyes
7. Aurora aka "Chicafriki"FToulouse647Galactic Empireaucuneyesyes
8. Frederic aka "Fred2-D2"FToulouse21Scum and VillainySquad Tolosayesyes
9. (anonym)-Separatist Allianceaucuneyesyes
10. Matthieu aka "Innommable"FPortet Sur Garonne274Galactic EmpireSquad Tolosàyesyes
11. Jeremy aka "Jeremyt"FLasserre241Galactic Republicyesyes
12. Clément aka "LeVictorieux"FEaunes-Galactic EmpireSquad Tolosàyesyes
13. Andrew aka "Le_Chancelier"FL Isle Jourdain45Separatist AllianceSquad Tolosàyesyes
14. Camille aka "Milkameluna"FToulouse-Galactic RepublicSquad Tolosàyesyes
15. Maxime aka "For-dasamut"FPortet-Sur-Garonne333First OrderSquad Tolosàyesyes
16. Patrice aka "Capitaine_xerxes"Froques sur garonne41Galactic RepublicSquad Tolosàyesyes
17. Maxime aka "Maxx"FBlagnac10Galactic EmpireSquad Tolosàyesyes
18. Clement aka "Moutton"FMontaigut-Sur-Save887First OrderWaralhermyesyes
19. Sebastian aka "Timanseb"FSaint-Esteve27Galactic RepublicArche à jeuxyesyes
20. Julien aka "YoOL"FL'isle Jourdain59Separatist AllianceOrk'n Azesyesyes
21. Benoit aka "Ben-ito"FSt Laurent de Cerdans49Galactic RepublicTaupe Gunyesyes
22. Patrick aka "Chewpatca"FToulouse52Galactic Republicyesyes
23. Florent aka "oz81"FFiac-Separatist AllianceSquad Tolosàyesyes

Distribution of Armies
Galactic Republic:6
Galactic Empire:5
Scum and Villainy:4
Separatist Alliance:4
First Order:2
Distribution of Origins
Haute-Garonne (31):14
Gers (32):2
Pyrénées-Orientales (66):2
Tarn (81):2
Gironde (33):1
Tarn-et-Garonne (82):1
Hauts-de-Seine (92):1
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