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La bataille des 4 armées - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Lukas aka "LukasW"CHUster1The TrollsThe Widmersno
2. Anthony aka "Corvus_Drakon"CHLa Tour-De-Peilz43AngmarWho let the wargs out !no
3. Julien aka "Roi-mort"CHRiaz28The EasterlingsÉquipe Actimelno
4. Franck aka "Norkadian"CHEysins-The Rangers of IthilienPower of Tartifletteno
5. Yann aka "Elmibase"CHFroideville30AngmarWho let the wargs out !no
6. Vincent aka "Petit92"CHFerreyres-RohanLothlorienno
7. Nicolas aka "Bracam"CHBulle-MordorÉquipe Actimelno
8. Yohan aka "Greenleaf"CHServion-Thranduil's HallGalion and the barrelsno
9. Vincent aka "Vizi9000"CHFerreyres-Thranduil's HallGalion and the barrelsno
10. Thilien aka "Warsword"CHFerlens, VD39Théoden's HostLes petits poneysno
11. Olivier aka "Olivierr"CHOllon22Théoden's HostLes petits poneysno

List of teams

Registered teams
1The WidmersLukasW
2Who let the wargs out !Corvus_Drakon, Elmibase
3Équipe ActimelRoi-mort, Bracam
4Power of TartifletteNorkadian
6Les novices d’élitePetit1992
7Galion and the barrelsGreenleaf, Vizi9000
8Les petits poneysWarsword, Olivierr

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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