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Les supers de Vesontio II - Marvel Crisis Protocol - List of Participants

1. Raph aka "Darkframboisier"FBesançon23X-menhood Clubyesyes
2. Benjamin aka "Wogshrog"FBesancon4Hydrayesyes
3. Thierry aka "Ticamp_des_bois"FBesancon145Asgardyesyes
4. Christophe aka "Cush"FChemaudin60A définiryesyes
5. Pierre Alban P.FOiselay Et Grachaux-Avengers AsgardiensHaute Saone@70 en forceyesyes
6. Karim aka "prince_mohamed"FBesançon146thanosyesno
7. Guillaume aka "guy"FLe Russey129AsgardLes jeux du plateauyesyes
8. Dean aka "drdeanos"FLe Russey47Guardians of the Galaxyyesyes

Distribution of Armies
A définir:1
Avengers Asgardiens:1
Guardians of the Galaxy:1
X-menhood Club:1
Distribution of Origins
Doubs (25):7
Haute-Saône (70):1
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