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2. V-CONquest - Tournament Rating

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Tournament Rating


B (1.7)

A (1.5)
C (2.7)
Location / Venue 
A (1.5)
Space Offered top-rating
A (1.2)
B (1.9)


A (1.3)

Flow / Progress top-rating
A (1.2)
Orderliness top-rating
A (1.3)
B (1.5)
Information top-rating
A (1.2)
Referees top-rating
A (1.3)


A (1.5)

Scenarios top-rating
A (1.4)
B (1.6)
Terrain top-rating
A (1.4)
Opponent's Army Lists 
A (1.5)


A (1.2)

Assortment top-rating
A (1.1)
Price top-rating
A (1.2)
Flavor top-rating
A (1.3)

Given Votes: 11 / 18 (61%)

Comments* about the tournament (4)

The space between buildings and terrain obstacles were to narrow to use anything larger than the smallest transports.

Comment of the organizer(s):
That's not correct. Between those obstacles there were at least 5" gaps. Maybe you're not used to play on a terrain heavy table? Nevertheless we're motivated to improve ourselves as much as possible.

Sehr angenehmes Tunier, top Veranstaltungsort und Verpflegung. Die Missionen/Geländelayout hab ich schon vor Ort angesprochen, da sollte man nochmal nachjustieren damit die Mitte nicht so extrem offen ist. Ansonsten immer wieder gerne.


Mega Turnier, hat Spaß gemacht, sehr gerne wieder.


Schönes Turnier. Hielt was es verspricht. Bin bestimmt mal wieder dabei.

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