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Tournoi UniDé v3.0 - Tournament Results

Single Player Results:

No. Place Name Origin Team Army Total
1.1.p1Laurent aka "Otto_von_Bismarck"FBesançonAigles SéquanesNecrons78
2.2.p2Mehdi aka "me-H-di"FBesanconAigles SéquanesChaos Space Marines68
3.3.p3Anthony aka "Ptibasque"FBelfortMMK TeamBlood Angels68
4.4.Matthieu aka "Altahyr"CHChoëxConfrérie GalactiqueTyranids67
5.5.Matthieu aka "Ookami1052"CHLe Mont Sur LausanneWarrivieraT'au Empire62
6.6.Alain aka "DullBarley"CHLa Chaux-De-FondsAngel PaladinGrey Knights60
7.7.Tristan aka "Titi44"CHChapelle-Sur-LausanneSpace Marines59
8.8.Julien aka "icar"FBelfortMMK TeamAstra Militarum57
9.9.Julien aka "Normandie1944"CHCullyWarrivieraAstra Militarum56
10.10.Christophe aka "Itare"CHLe Landeronbroccoli warriorChaos Daemons53
11.11.Patrick aka "Ridhvaan"CHSt-mauriceWarrivieraTyranids52
12.12.Damien aka "Damdam"CHLausanneLes Chevaliers du CaquelonSpace Wolves51
13.13.Christophe aka "petitof"FBavilliersMMK TeamChaos Space Marines50
14.14.Yvan aka "TK-422"CHNeuchâtelAronis / confrérie galactiqueEldar49
15.15.Nikolaï aka "Sliverik"CHEysinsEscouade quantiqueSpace Marines49
16.16.Thomas aka "Amhrad"CHMont-Sur-RolleEscouade quantiqueAstra Militarum48
17.17.Michel aka "Masterofwar"FMijouxDominus BelliAstra Militarum47
18.18.Benjamin aka "Alvaten"CHTroistorrentsLes Mines de PlombsAstra Militarum47
19.19.Leo aka "Nedland"CHMont-Sur-RolleEscouade quantiqueOrks46
20.20.Nicolas aka "droidekas"CHMarin-EpagnierAdepta Sororitas42
21.21.Yonni aka "Le_Flamboyant_Poney"CHDombressonCarlos on t'aimeChaos Space Marines41
22.22.Zachary aka "Zach"CHPomyT'au Empire37
23.23.Brandon aka "Blind"CHYverdon-Les-BainsWarrivieraDrukhari33
Description of the used abbreviations (not all have to be used): AC=Army Composition, PR=Paint Rating, FP=Fairplay, QP=Quiz points, OP=Other points

Team Results (at least 2 players):

1.Aigles Séquanes (2)73.00
2.MMK Team (3)58.33
3.Warriviera (4)50.75
4.Escouade quantique (3)47.67

City Results (at least 2 players):

1.Besançon (2)73.00
2.Belfort (2)62.50
3.Mont-Sur-Rolle (2)47.00

Army Results:

1.Necrons (1)78.00
2.Blood Angels (1)68.00
3.Grey Knights (1)60.00
4.Tyranids (2)59.50
5.Space Marines (2)54.00
6.Chaos Daemons (1)53.00
7.Chaos Space Marines (3)53.00
8.Space Wolves (1)51.00
9.Astra Militarum (5)51.00
10.T'au Empire (2)49.50
11.Eldar (1)49.00
12.Orks (1)46.00
13.Adepta Sororitas (1)42.00
14.Drukhari (1)33.00
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