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X-wing Regionals Mechelen

X-wing Regionals Mechelen via SPELFANAAT ism EGO SQUADRON

Organisatoren: Tom_ep (Kontakt), Kryten (Kontakt), Qanar (Kontakt)

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Spielsystem: Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game (XWING)
Start: 11.03.18 - 09:00 Uhr
Ende: 11.03.18 - 20:00 Uhr
Startplätze: 48
Startgebühr: 15
Spelfanaat Mechelen
Putsesteenweg 17
2800 Mechelen

Webseite: http://www.spelfanaat.be

Hinweis: Das Turnier ist beendet.

Aktuelle News

10.03.18 - 18:57 Uhr
See you tomorrow

Forty-two players registerd, but we upgraded the venue to 48. If you want to come you're welcome. Please bring 2 printed squadlists and send me a message on t3 so I know to expect you!

Niek 'Qanar' Bergans

Geschrieben von Qanar
02.03.18 - 22:17 Uhr
Last announcements

X-wing players,

Next weekend is our X-wing Regional in Mechelen. Here are some final announcements.

BRING YOUR PLAYMAT! It's more fun for everyone and some players won't have to play on a wooden board.

09.00 Opening store, start of registrations
09.45 Closing registrations
10.00 Start round 1
11.30 Start round 2
13.00 Lunch break
13.30 Start round 3
15.00 Start round 4
16.30 Start round 5
18.00 Start round 6 (if <41 players this round is cancelled)
19.30 Price ceremony
20.00 Start top 8
21.30 Start top 4
23.00 Start finals
01.00 Closing store

Send in your list before 6th of march 23.59. This will confirm your registration. (Via Qanar on T3)

If you have a regional bye won at a Store championship that is still valid (not used and not expired) let me know when sending your list if you intend to use it!

There are drinks available in the store. It is not permitted to bring/consume your own drinks. There will be food available as well, but you can bring your own if you like as the selection might be limited. There is also a 'frituur' across the street.

Spelfanaat Mechelen
Putsesteenweg 17
2800 Mechelen

BE ON TIME! The schedule is tight (and really really late)

See you next weekend!

Niek 'Qanar' Bergans

Geschrieben von Qanar
13.02.18 - 08:03 Uhr
Waiting list

Just under a month until the Regional of 2018 in Mechelen. More information about time-schedule etc will follow in the coming days but I want your attention for one specific item. Currently we have 45/40 players subscribed. I will try to get all players in, but I was told there is a max limit on the room due to fire-regulations. This means that currently everyone on place 41-45 is on a waiting list. If you are not able to attend PLEASE let me know (T3 Qanar or facebook) so I can invite those on the waiting list.

Because of this I will also expect your lists as final confirmation quite early. Deadline is 6th of March 23.59. If you did not send over your list I will probably give your spot to someone on that waiting list!

As we have 40 players there will be 5 rounds of swiss followed by a top 8 cut. IF we get the additional seats and there are 40+ players attending there will be 6 rounds of swiss.

Geschrieben von Qanar

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