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La bataille des Andécaves n°2 - List of Participants

1. Hugo aka "SorHg0"FAvrillé78The ShireLes champions de la Comtéyesyes
2. Valentin aka "PoteVS"FAvrillé65The ShireLes champions de la Comtéyesyes
3. (anonym)-MoriaL'ombre et la flammeyesyes
4. Kevin aka "Gobelin_88"FLa Chapelle Du Genêt188IsengardMeat's Back on the Menu Boysyesyes
5. Franck aka "Ewald"FLa Verrie188MordorMeat's Back on the Menu Boysyesyes
6. Borja aka "Thorondin"FAllonnes59Elrond's HouseholdAlliance d'antanyesyes
7. Arthur aka "Daxter"FSaint-Nazaire138MoriaLa Taverne des Trollsyesyes
8. Mael aka "Aira_Mornie"FVertou60AngmarLa Taverne des Trollsyesyes
9. Pierre aka "Sarn"FAngers41MordorNANTES SQUADRONyesyes
10. Matthieu aka "Wedge_Nantillais"FOudon122The Serpent HordeNANTES SQUADRONyesyes
11. Jimmy aka "JRD012"FAngers156ArnorAlliance d'antanyesyes
12. Charly aka "Drama"FBetton264MordorL'ombre et la flammeyesyes

List of teams

1Les champions de la ComtéSorHg0, PoteVS
2La Taverne des TrollsDaxter, Aira_Mornie
3NANTES SQUADRONWedge_Nantillais, Sarn
4Meat's Back on the Menu BoysGobelin_88, Ewald
5Alliance d'antanThorondin, JRD012
6L'ombre et la flamme(anonym), Drama

Distribution of Armies
The Shire:2
Elrond's Household:1
The Serpent Horde:1
Distribution of Origins
Maine-et-Loire (49):6
Loire-Atlantique (44):3
Ille-et-Vilaine (35):1
Sarthe (72):1
Vendée (85):1
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