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Schwäbisches Open in Ludwigsburg vom 17.01.-19.01.2014 - List of Participants

1. Roman K.D-Ottomanyes
2. Jürgen B.D-Burgundian Ordonannceno
3. Neil F.D-Later Muslim Indianno
4. Valerio T.D-Teutonic Orderno
5. Tilman W.D-West Sudaneseno
6. Norbert B.D-Medieval Irishno
7. Arnim L.D-Early Russianno
8. Benno T.D-Khmerno
9. Thomas F.D-Ottomanno
10. Kai P.D-Italian Condottano
11. Lawrence G.D-Ghaznavidno
12. Carlos D.D-Tupino
13. Jürgen B.D-Wallachianno
14. Thomas K.D-Teutonic Orderno
15. Gerd P.D-Medieval Germanno
16. Ronald S.D-Italian Condottano

Distribution of Armies
Italian Condotta:2
Teutonic Order:2
Burgundian Ordonannce:1
Early Russian:1
Later Muslim Indian:1
Medieval German:1
Medieval Irish:1
West Sudanese:1
Distribution of Origins
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