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French Wargame Café 40K – n5 – duo 2X1000 points - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Alix aka "Orta15a"FParis 18-Chaos Space MarinesMata Leonnono
2. Elliot aka "Locknes"FMontreuil-Death GuardMata Leonnono
3. Quentin aka "VeteriniXII"FParis3699Chaos DaemonsGuilde Rôlistique 1nono
4. Aurelien aka "Lloth13"FParis1766Grey KnightsEinharjarnono
5. Ronald aka "Elways"FBagneux182Space MarinesLes sauceursnono
6. Nicolas aka "Ushrim"FChavenay372Space MarinesLes sauceursnono
7. Dan aka "vthorrus"FEvry3855TyranidsGuilde Rôlistique 1nono
8. Grégoire aka "Desdix"FBoulogne Billancourt-Thousand SonsFBUnono
9. Axel aka "Stormeo"FAsnières-Death GuardFBUnono
10. Christophe aka "Chris9302"FCarrières-sur-Seine2040Death GuardPlague and Furynono
11. Jeff aka "Ferox94"FSaint Maur Des Fosses2152EldarPlague and Furynono
12. Jeremy aka "skunk42"FAsnières-Sur-Seine-TyranidsVolcanusnono
13. Antoine aka "Bleubite"FAubervilliers-Imperial KnightsVolcanusnono

List of teams

Registered teams
1Mata LeonOrta15a, Locknes
2Guilde Rôlistique 1VeteriniXII, vthorrus
4Les sauceursElways, Ushrim
5FBUDesdix, Stormeo
6Plague and FuryChris9302, Ferox94
7Volcanusskunk42, Bleubite

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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