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Rencontre Man O' War aux Faites du Jeu ! 2024 de Soucieux - List of Participants

1. Benoît aka "Dreadaxe"FAubière5Dwarf FleetTeam Sloubidouyes
2. Vincent aka "pOp"FLaives30Dwarf FleetTeam Sloubidouyes
3. Josselin aka "Kaelis-"FClermont-Ferrand-Lizardmen fleetTeam Sloubidouyes
4. Leo aka "Ilandir"FClermont-Ferrand-Skaven FleetTeam Sloubidouyes
5. Antoine aka "nopeace"FVilleurbanne14Chaos Dwarf Fleetyes
6. Mas aka "Mas"FVilleurbanne15Orc Fleetyes
7. Xavier aka "xavierovitch"FCavaillon25Lizardmen fleetyes
8. Alexis aka "AlexisMLS"FLyon 07-Dwarf Fleetno

Distribution of Armies
Dwarf Fleet:3
Lizardmen fleet:2
Chaos Dwarf Fleet:1
Orc Fleet:1
Skaven Fleet:1
Distribution of Origins
Puy-de-Dôme (63):3
Rhône (69):3
Saône-et-Loire (71):1
Vaucluse (84):1
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