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Army Statistics - France - Warhammer Age of Sigmar

You can see a couple of statistics about the distribution and placements of armies in the tournaments. Only T³-Tournaments using the GoePP are used for the statistics, because all other tournaments don't offer the needed data.

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Army Distribution

1.Stormcast Eternals776
2.Orruk Warclans442
3.Maggotkin of Nurgle379
6.Disciples of Tzeentch328
7.Daughters of Khaine290
9.Idoneth Deepkin267
11.Ogor Mawtribes258
12.Lumineth Realm-Lords252
13.Soulblight Gravelords246
14.Slaves to Darkness244
15.Kharadron Overlords240
16.Blades of Khorne233
17.Gloomspite Gitz232
18.Ossiarch Bonereapers231
19.Hedonites of Slaanesh199
20.Cities of Sigmar195
21.Flesh-eater Courts189
22.Grand Alliance Chaos182
23.Grand Alliance Order181
24.Grand Alliance Death170
25.Beasts of Chaos158
26.Legions of Nagash151
27.Sons of Behemat144
28.Grand Alliance Destruction77
29.Ironjawz - obsolete65
30.Tamurkhan’s Horde58
31.The Legion of Azgorh52
32.Clans Skyre - obsolete31
33.Bretonnia - obsolete22
33.Vampire Counts - obsolete22
34.Daemons of Tzeentch - obsolete20
34.Orcs & Goblins - obsolete20
35.High Elves - obsolete19
36.Khorne Bloodbound - obsolete17
37.Tomb Kings - obsolete14
37.Warriors of Chaos - obsolete14
38.Clans Pestilens - obsolete13
38.Wood Elves - obsolete13
38.Daemons of Chaos - obsolete13
38.Dispossessed - obsolete13
39.The Empire - obsolete11
39.Phoenix Temple - obsolete11
40.Lizardmen - obsolete9
40.Clans Verminus - obsolete9
40.Daemons of Nurgle - obsolete9
41.Ogre Kingdoms - obsolete8
41.Darkling Covens - obsolete8
41.Gutbusters - obsolete8
41.Order Draconis - obsolete8
42.Wanderers - obsolete7
42.Gitmob Grots - obsolete7
42.Shadowblades - obsolete7
43.Soulblight - obsolete6
43.Slaves to Darkness - obsolete6
43.Dwarfs - obsolete6
44.Daemons of Khorne - obsolete5
44.Dark Elves - obsolete5
44.Nurgle Rotbringers - obsolete5
44.Moonclan Grots - obsolete5
44.Greenskinz - obsolete5
45.Spiderfang Grots - obsolete4
45.Legion of Grief - obsolete4
45.Brayherds - obsolete4
46.Clans Moulder - obsolete3
46.Swifthawk Agents - obsolete3
47.Order Serpentis - obsolete2
47.Warherds - obsolete2
47.Deadwalkers - obsolete2
48.Scourge Privateers - obsolete1
48.Clans Eshin - obsolete1
48.Deathrattle - obsolete1
48.Devoted of Sigmar - obsolete1

Army Ranking (on all results)

1.Legions of Nagash100.00
3.Stormcast Eternals89.50
4.Daughters of Khaine88.97
5.Disciples of Tzeentch87.60
6.Idoneth Deepkin87.37
7.Grand Alliance Order85.94
8.Beasts of Chaos85.41
9.Lumineth Realm-Lords84.39
10.Sons of Behemat84.10
11.Hedonites of Slaanesh83.60
12.Ogor Mawtribes83.35
13.Blades of Khorne82.87
17.Grand Alliance Destruction81.81
18.Grand Alliance Death81.38
19.Flesh-eater Courts81.37
20.Orruk Warclans81.37
22.Kharadron Overlords80.73
23.Maggotkin of Nurgle80.26
24.Tamurkhan’s Horde80.16
25.Ossiarch Bonereapers79.62
26.Grand Alliance Chaos79.46
27.Slaves to Darkness79.32
28.Soulblight Gravelords78.56
29.The Legion of Azgorh77.65
30.Cities of Sigmar74.11
31.Gloomspite Gitz74.02
Info: Only armies whith at least 6 placements are counted. The army with the best placements is put in place 1 with an index of 100. The other placements depend on this index.

Army Ranking (only on tournament wins)

1.Daughters of Khaine25
2.Disciples of Tzeentch21
4.Stormcast Eternals19
4.Blades of Khorne19
5.Ossiarch Bonereapers17
6.Orruk Warclans16
6.Ogor Mawtribes16
7.Gloomspite Gitz15
7.Beasts of Chaos15
8.Kharadron Overlords14
9.Maggotkin of Nurgle13
10.Grand Alliance Death12
10.Grand Alliance Order12
11.Flesh-eater Courts11
11.Lumineth Realm-Lords11
11.Idoneth Deepkin11
12.Grand Alliance Chaos10
13.Hedonites of Slaanesh9
13.Cities of Sigmar9
13.Soulblight Gravelords9
14.Slaves to Darkness7
15.Sons of Behemat6
16.Legions of Nagash5
17.Grand Alliance Destruction4
17.The Legion of Azgorh4
18.Tamurkhan’s Horde3

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