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NTRv3.0 - France

Start of the data acquistion: 2006-01-01
Last update: 2006-06-07 05:30
There is more info here.

Hall'o'Fame - A Song of Ice & Fire
1.Flavien aka "radagast" from Arcis sur Aube659 days
2.Julien aka "jlobart" from Bosroumois441 days
3.Yoann aka "nuubman" from Bergerac232 days
4.Franck aka "Alaric1" from Colombes140 days
5.Corentin aka "De_Cypher" from Niort126 days
6.Xavier aka "Wallou1982" from Saintes57 days
7.Keegan aka "KeLian" from Saint-Just En Chaussée49 days
8.Alexandre aka "Enguerrand" from Rodez42 days
9.Vlad aka "LF_1_2" from L’Aigle14 days
10.Gauthier aka "bourrin" from Questembert8 days
11.Gil aka "Zil" from Lagny-Sur-Marne7 days

Hall'o'Fame - Alkemy
1.Nicolas aka "nicoleblond" from Marines889 days
2.Matthieu aka "GhazgH" from Boulogne-Billancourt875 days
3.Guillaume aka "Elladan" from Conflans Ste Honorine848 days
4.Clément aka "FullMetalDaddy" from Boulogne Billancourt757 days
5.Emmanuel aka "Sered" from Châtillon594 days
6.Olivier aka "LE0N" from La Norville588 days
7.Benoît aka "Ben-95" from Ermont357 days
8.Pierre aka "caillou" from marines301 days
9.Lucas aka "lsmassa" from Courbevoie280 days
10.Yohan aka "Bidule" from Conflans Ste Honorine197 days
11.David aka "Barbouille" from Cormeilles En Parisis127 days
12.Samuel aka "Kurlem" from Redon91 days

Hall'o'Fame - Anima Tactics
1.Renan aka "Kahelm" from Etampes4382 days

Hall'o'Fame - Batman Miniature Game
1.Florian aka "Choppy" from haubourdin1232 days
2.David-Alexandre aka "minus_marker" from Montigny-En-Cambrésis645 days

Hall'o'Fame - Battlefleet Gothic
1.X. aka "Bjorn" from Paris3214 days
2.Eric aka "delron" from rouen1393 days
3.Arthur aka "VexarE" from Villaz70 days

Hall'o'Fame - Blood Bowl
1.Harti aka "harti" from Paris?742 days
2.Adrien aka "N3zuM1" from Ayguesvives686 days
3.Cedric aka "Sarnarc" from Lille505 days
4.Florent aka "Florrent" from Bayonne371 days
5.Tony aka "ZeFrite" from Toulouse323 days
6.Nicolas aka "ThoT" from Danjoutin288 days
7.Damien aka "angron" from Calais281 days
8.Mathieu aka "Matt_le_Fou" from Moncrabeau252 days
9.Stéphane aka "Phags" from Limoges246 days
10.Cedric aka "crazyhorse" from Calais189 days
11.Davud aka "Osskpo" from Les Authieux160 days
12.Jonas aka "Djo" from Metz155 days
13.Zig aka "Ziig" from Servigny Les Ravilles154 days
14.Sna aka "Snatch" from Metz147 days
15.Lidie aka "Didie" from Calais140 days
16.Cedric aka "marga" from Saint Herblain133 days
17.Franck aka "Kaoragh" from Le Havre126 days
18.Christophe aka "figpas" from Pontacq112 days
18.Marc G. from Toulouse112 days
19.Stéphane aka "LeStef" from Castanet Tolosan106 days
20.Frederic aka "Aredhel" from Houilles84 days
20.Kirou aka "kirou" from Wavrin84 days
20.Benoit aka "Menalque" from Lille84 days
21.David aka "C3PO" from le mesnil esnard70 days
22.Nicolas aka "Nicodaz" from Toulouse43 days
23.Jeremie aka "EXTREM-JEREM" from Le Ban St Martin42 days
24.Eric aka "Mr_Pignon" from Tarbes28 days
25.Sébastien aka "sebco" from CHAMBERY22 days
26.Maxence aka "Pimax" from Garcelles-Secqueville8 days
27.Sebastien aka "Rulfr" from Rouen7 days

Hall'o'Fame - Bolt Action
1.Antoine aka "elcatinos" from rouen1029 days
2.Stephane aka "Hussard34" from PARIS434 days
3.Pierre aka "ptit_pierre" from Rouen211 days
4.Frédéric aka "gob_ai_" from Saint Barthélémy D'anjou92 days
5.Philippe aka "sam" from Caen49 days
6.Frederic aka "dizzy70" from Fouchécourt28 days
7.Jeff aka "Jeff13" from Puyricard7 days

Hall'o'Fame - Briskars
1.Philémon aka "Enorme-vorace" from Paris1190 days
2.Gwenael aka "bourpif" from Lille434 days
3.Arnaud aka "Grifter59" from Tourcoing414 days
4.Marc aka "Natyac" from Loison sous Lens343 days
5.Gauthier aka "bourrin" from Questembert315 days
6.Louis aka "Louisss" from Argent Sur Sauldre266 days
7.Marc aka "YoMi" from Laventie260 days
8.Ludovic aka "coolud" from Eschau168 days
9.Antoine aka "toune" from Lessuin148 days
10.Robin aka "rodeheus" from Strasbourg57 days
11.Christophe aka "Elvyl" from Pontoise50 days
12.Jean-François aka "JFdemory" from Saint-Ghislain29 days

Hall'o'Fame - Bushido
1.Quentin aka "Tr3ize" from Angers812 days

Hall'o'Fame - Caeris
1.Quentin aka "Bwaaaane" from Poitiers547 days
2.Fabrice aka "Golden" from Mtp84 days
3.Hugo aka "boombo" from Mauguio77 days
4.Benoit aka "Bloodyben" from La Chapelle Saint Luc56 days
4.Olivier aka "Vigoli" from Montpellier56 days

Hall'o'Fame - Confrontation 3/3.5
1.Walid aka "fingo" from Châtillon1464 days
2.Benoît aka "tamian" from Ceyrat1036 days
3.Olivier aka "the_red_eye" from Bordeaux925 days
4.Adrien aka "Kelen" from Bruxelles602 days
5.Clément aka "Stylnox" from Bruges504 days
6.Nicolas aka "Zephir" from Fresnes En Saulnois378 days
7.Rico aka "primarque666" from Mérignac154 days
8.Nicolas aka "Nico78" from Romans Sur Isère140 days
9.Geoffrey aka "vladabok" from Nancy92 days
10.Guillaume aka "Jadawin" from Nancy71 days
11.Docteur aka "Docteur_Hareng" from Le Grand Bérou56 days
12.Samuel aka "Samko" from Paris14 days

Hall'o'Fame - Confrontation: AoR
1.Sylvain aka "Triz" from MASSY4893 days
2.Benoît aka "Tamian" from Ceyrat839 days
3.Sebastien aka "jabberwock" from Pontarlier154 days
4.Pierre aka "Pierrodactyl" from Orleans64 days
5.Guillaume aka "Philogneus" from Toulouse7 days
5.Hugo aka "Makhno" from Grenoble7 days

Hall'o'Fame - Conquest - The Last Argument of Kings
1.Kilian aka "Rawr" from Besançon385 days
2.Toto aka "Totolasticot" from Paris112 days

Hall'o'Fame - De Bellis Antiquitatis
1.Patrick aka "Goldenhord" from Asnières778 days
2.Charles-Guillaume aka "CGD" from Asnières Sur Seine707 days
3.Bruno aka "onurbm" from Houilles484 days
4.Xavier aka "halbaraddebrest" from Maisons-Laffitte273 days
5.Cédric aka "dricks" from Loury231 days
6.Charles aka "KarlusMagnus" from Paris148 days
7.Jérôme aka "Gamot" from Noyon127 days
8.Jean-Pierre aka "tabnet" from Versailles91 days
9.Quentin aka "Eloy" from Longueau84 days
10.Jacques aka "latourdamiens" from Amiens78 days

Hall'o'Fame - Dreadball
1.Mathieu aka "oursinet" from St Doulchard2912 days

Hall'o'Fame - Dust 1947
1.Sebastien aka "MrCool" from Chartres455 days

Hall'o'Fame - Dystopian Wars
1.Adrien aka "Kugne" from Toulouse3171 days
2.Benoit aka "Maolmordha" from Toulouse372 days
3.Mathieu aka "sairuss" from Besançon196 days

Hall'o'Fame - Eden
1.Quentin aka "Bwaaaane" from Suresnes1946 days
2.Gauthier aka "bourrin" from Questembert813 days
3.Ahmed aka "PokPok" from Saint Maur Des Fossés792 days
4.Yohan aka "Bidule" from Liège238 days
5.David aka "Barbouille" from Cormeilles En Parisis232 days
6.Pierre aka "Pierrodactyl" from Orleans224 days
7.Philémon aka "Enorme-vorace" from Paris203 days
8.Fernando aka "Fer" from Orléans196 days
9.Frédéric aka "kraken7" from Fougères182 days
10.Bochet aka "Asuran" from Limoges85 days
11.Sébastien aka "Kallen" from Limoges71 days
12.Sylvain aka "Nedzegob" from Toulouse57 days
13.Didier aka "Didier59" from Villeneuve D'ascq56 days
14.Mikaël aka "Sleyo" from la Fare les Oliviers36 days
15.Youri aka "GURHAL" from Paris35 days
16.Baptiste aka "SmashyBob" from Rueil Malmaison21 days
17.Frederic aka "Berf" from Paris14 days

Hall'o'Fame - Epic Armageddon
1.Pierre aka "meg" from Douchy-Les-Mines3220 days
2.Clement aka "clem-" from Paris701 days
3.Christophe aka "Le_Moustachu_Masque"406 days
4.Thomas aka "titomane" from Massy274 days
5.Fabien aka "fabulousfab" from Charquemont210 days

Hall'o'Fame - Flames of War
1.Fred aka "ruscof" from Cavaillon2429 days
2.Thierry aka "pitt" from St orens de gameville665 days
3.Fred aka "Angelfred" from Sèvres574 days
4.Romain-Pierre aka "Tresh" from Paris428 days
5.David R. from Rabastens405 days
6.Quentin aka "Quentin"358 days
7.Frédéric aka "Angelfred" from Paris336 days
8.Jacques aka "jdestremau" from Bordeaux217 days
9.Mathieu aka "mathieu30"56 days
10.Fred aka "Angel_of_purity" from Marseille35 days

Hall'o'Fame - Furie
1.Alexandre aka "Belial33" from Bordeaux2212 days

Hall'o'Fame - Guild Ball
1.Gauthier aka "bourrin" from Questembert1009 days
2.David aka "Rogue666" from Istres847 days
3.Nicolas aka "taraspoutine" from Auterive344 days
4.Norman aka "Shetan" from Petit Quevilly274 days
5.Vincent aka "carcous" from Rémire Montjoly204 days
6.Sylvester aka "communiste" from Moscul119 days
7.Michel aka "Chaton" from Chapareillan56 days
8.Jean-Loup aka "Largoo" from Meudon42 days
9.Adrien aka "ZergSpirit" from Saint-Genis-Laval29 days

Hall'o'Fame - Hell Dorado
1.Benjamin aka "Neo_Sinister" from Villers-Marmery (proche Reims)2891 days
2.Mikaël aka "herendel" from Boulogne-Billancourt1308 days
3.Nm aka "mzi" from Liège743 days
4.Pierre-Emmanuel aka "TheBosstm" from Aigueblanche525 days
5.Gauthier aka "bourrin" from Questembert358 days
6.N aka "mzi" from Liège91 days
7.Mathieu aka "wbzhmathieu" from La Martyre50 days

Hall'o'Fame - Hordes of the Things
1.Vincent aka "Syagrius" from Paris1897 days
2.Jean-Pierre aka "tabnet" from Versailles378 days
3.Armand aka "hoelyann" from Houilles371 days

Hall'o'Fame - Infinity
1.Vincent aka "roby" from Dijon1903 days
2.Gauthier aka "Valorel" from Beinheim1722 days
3.Arnaud aka "Shas_o_Kassad" from Lyon876 days
4.Thibault aka "Kornak" from Mions588 days
5.Guillaume aka "speed" from Lyon259 days
6.Benoit aka "Maolmordha" from Toulouse91 days
7.Nicolas aka "Dadris" from Toulouse78 days
8.Benjamin aka "darkdoji" from Villeurbanne36 days

Hall'o'Fame - Khârn-Âges
1.Arnaud aka "Grifter59" from Tourcoing399 days
2.Yoann aka "looper" from Champigny Les Langres211 days
3.Marc aka "YoMi" from Laventie140 days
4.Vincent aka "DocteurDi" from Lille50 days

Hall'o'Fame - Kings of War
1.Bernard aka "Fendulac" from Villemandeur1099 days
2.Timothée aka "Knurlnien" from Toulouse939 days
3.Thierry aka "El_chatardo" from La Salvetat St Gilles351 days
4.Paco aka "Iblis" from Saint Omer259 days
5.Eric aka "Fusil1-1" from St Sulpice Des Landes182 days
6.Nicolas aka "Nayko_le_Rat" from Silhac98 days
7.Clement aka "Lebull" from Villejoubert64 days
8.Olivier aka "Orckel" from Lille42 days
9.Yohann aka "touba" from Poilly lez Gien21 days
10.Mathieu aka "Anwarn" from Rieulay14 days

Hall'o'Fame - Malifaux
1.Nicolas aka "korgal" from Pessac1547 days
2.Olivier aka "krhaor" from Vienne1464 days
3.Alexandre aka "Belial33" from Fargues St Hilaire833 days
4.Olivier aka "ulrian" from Toulenne358 days
5.Adrien aka "fureur_d_ynkaro" from Mérignac217 days
6.Cédric aka "Krorynator" from Bordeaux162 days
7.Jérôme aka "vangerdahast" from Bordeaux155 days
8.Jean-Bernard aka "PurpleFox" from Longvic119 days

Hall'o'Fame - Man O'War
1.Seb aka "Glouton" from Toulouse1414 days
2.Sylvain aka "Helvain" from MARIGNANE1351 days
3.Antoine aka "nopeace" from Villeurbanne393 days
4.Mas aka "Mas" from Villeurbanne378 days
5.Sylvain aka "fenrir" from Gerzat308 days
6.Stéphane aka "Spatz" from Saint Germain En Laye63 days

Hall'o'Fame - Marvel: Crisis Protocol
1.Sébastien aka "MetalBeerSolid" from L'Haÿ Les Roses595 days
2.David aka "D_D2" from Lille224 days
3.Benjamin aka "Discordia-VII" from Amfreville-la-Mi-Voie35 days

Hall'o'Fame - Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game
1.Corentin aka "cocosage" from Rueil-Malmaison778 days
2.Anthony aka "gollum" from Marquette Lez Lille638 days
3.Emmanuel aka "EMMLEF" from Sartrouville601 days
4.Quentin aka "Barbecue" from Rueil-Malmaison442 days
5.Alexis aka "Manadar" from Paris421 days
6.Antoine aka "SmilyGoblin" from Paris398 days
7.Julien aka "Thelion_AOE" from Toulouse385 days
8.Pierre-Augustin aka "Pi3rr0t" from Rennes357 days
9.Nicolas aka "garyhole" from Franconville316 days
10.Bastien aka "Bababibel" from Mennecy281 days
11.Sylvain aka "Gilthanas" from Villeneuve D'ascq280 days
12.Alain aka "Gilestel" from Marcq En Baroeul259 days
13.Hugo aka "Gimli_ami_des_elfes" from Lyon238 days
14.Joseph aka "Shaaka" from Lachassagne210 days
15.Hadrien aka "decalogus" from Paris197 days
16.Maxime aka "Granadamax" from Pouilly-Les-Nonains182 days
17.Olivier aka "Olivier_B" from La Norville154 days
18.Matthieu aka "Darkmikel" from Saint-Sébastien-Sur-Loire84 days
18.Thomas aka "Jabba008" from Tourcoing84 days
19.Romain aka "Romano" from Déville-lès-Rouen70 days
20.Alexandre aka "glordfindel" from Lyon57 days
21.Nicolas aka "Dr_Yoshiii" from Ronchin56 days
21.Emmanuel aka "redoutable" from Vendin-Le-Vieil56 days
22.Pierre aka "Amandil_Eremanth" from Ploudaniel36 days
23.Aloys aka "chacaloys" from Paris35 days
24.Kévin aka "SLI" from Palaiseau29 days
25.Jimmy aka "Fourbe_Gobelin" from Claveyson28 days
26.Benjamin aka "Krand" from Nantes21 days
27.Benoît aka "Bendrums" from Les Essarts le roi7 days
27.Alexandre aka "Lex-A" from Paris7 days
27.Anthony aka "Silvarin" from Périgueux7 days
27.Quentin aka "Matheor555" from Bergues7 days

Hall'o'Fame - Mordheim
1.Hugo aka "Marotar40k" from Boussu169 days
2.Corentin aka "Huor" from Wattrelos28 days

Hall'o'Fame - Mortem et Gloriam
1.Philippe aka "zipofigo" from pontenx les Forges21 days

Hall'o'Fame - Necromunda
1.Phane aka "Nod" from Montpellier1624 days
2.Gilles aka "DaigotsuGillou" from Marseille413 days
3.Laud aka "Laud" from Roquevaire28 days
3.Thomas aka "aelor" from Marseille28 days
3.Tederic aka "Tederic" from Aubagne28 days
3.Christophe aka "Criz" from Marseille28 days
3.Alexandre aka "Arkalion" from Roquevaire28 days

Hall'o'Fame - Runewars Miniatures Game
1.Sébastien aka "MetalBeerSolid" from L'Haÿ Les Roses1827 days
2.Yann aka "Nnayl" from Rueil Malmaison274 days
3.Maxime aka "MaximeLeBarbare" from Montmorency168 days

Hall'o'Fame - SAGA
1.Nicolas aka "fussoir" from St Pierre Des Corps665 days
1.David aka "Enfoire2Pigeon" from Saint Denis du Maine665 days
1.Nicolas aka "Rumize" from Le Mans665 days
2.Philémon aka "Enorme-vorace" from Paris378 days
3.Alex aka "pogo" from Gent211 days
4.Frederic aka "spock" from Bourges134 days
5.Geoffrey aka "J3ff" from Montaulin105 days
6.Thomas aka "Nakhrin" from Connerré63 days
7.Kurt aka "Windelin" from Gent56 days
8.Armand aka "Armandou" from Quimper42 days
9.Michel aka "Ra-Deg" from Vaux Le Penil35 days
10.Adrien aka "JeanPeinture" from Lyon28 days
11.Yannick aka "YGGDRASYLL" from Telgruc Sur Mer14 days

Hall'o'Fame - Star Wars: Armada
1.Sebastien aka "Sebouh" from Alfortville1002 days
2.Nicolas aka "Kosmokiki" from Puteaux350 days
3.Julien G. from Toulouse337 days
4.Eric aka "nooby_le_noob" from Prévessin-Moens322 days
5.Julien aka "yetiapoilblanc" from Abbeville315 days
6.Clément aka "Mordecain" from Lyon308 days
7.Golven aka "ZeRan" from Montaigu183 days
8.Nicolas aka "Elred" from Paris126 days
9.Olivier aka "alaric69" from Lyon98 days
10.Xavier aka "olwyn" from Colomiers7 days

Hall'o'Fame - Star Wars: Imperial Assault
1.Jérôme aka "Budmilka" from Créteil1757 days
2.Wilfrid aka "Ender" from Cestas-Gazinet588 days
3.Jerome aka "Hyperion77" from Chelles168 days
4.Tony aka "Baston_FR" from Vallet161 days
5.Guillaume aka "Kristarsse" from Blagnac148 days
6.Greg aka "turkishvancat" from Zürich126 days
7.Gil aka "Zil" from Lagny-Sur-Marne63 days
8.Maxime aka "Stunt" from Cholet56 days
9.Clovis aka "Gerateur" from Vitry Sur Seine36 days
10.Damien aka "TALRI113" from Loos35 days

Hall'o'Fame - Star Wars: Legion
1.Suheyl aka "Safsouf" from Alfortville904 days
2.Antoine aka "gitsnik" from Nantes351 days
3.Axel aka "Daedry" from Vendin Le Vieil210 days
4.Xavier aka "Reivaxdragon" from Paris190 days
5.Thomas aka "Smorfl" from Paris175 days
6.Fabien aka "lordfabius" from corbeil essonne106 days
7.Raphaël aka "Nostrus" from Toulouse91 days
8.Sean aka "Aryhas" from Lille70 days
9.Cyrill aka "RyoSWLFR" from Wasquehal21 days
10.Sebastien aka "sloops2" from Le Havre8 days

Hall'o'Fame - Star Wars: Shatterpoint
1.Mickael aka "Mamibaba" from Les rues des vignes217 days

Hall'o'Fame - Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game
1.Corentin aka "OveR2" from Saran918 days
2.Jean-Christophe aka "Icareane" from Paris413 days
3.Benoist aka "Darth_Hunter" from Nantes378 days
4.Maxime aka "Max-Martigan" from Saint-Denis351 days
5.Aurélien aka "Alaedar" from St Denis En Val281 days
6.Steve aka "harrycoco" from plogastel saint germain218 days
7.Pierre aka "Futil" from Issy-Les-Moulineaux211 days
8.Yves-Marie aka "Aldenoer" from Talence182 days
8.Benjamin aka "FrereSender" from Paris182 days
9.Nicolas aka "Elred" from Poissy175 days
10.Jérôme aka "Engueyrrand" from Arras169 days
11.Sebastien aka "netice" from Paris120 days
12.Andrew aka "Le_Chancelier" from Toulouse91 days
13.Daniel aka "Pelayo" from Montgeron84 days
14.Benjamin aka "TicToc" from Orléans49 days
15.Jérémy aka "skymyj" from Paris35 days
16.Adrien aka "Dalarisse" from Lyon21 days
16.Yann aka "Nnayl" from Rueil Malmaison21 days
17.Renaud aka "alde" from Fontenais Sous Bois15 days
18.Jean-François aka "Quentaro" from Toulouse14 days
19.Sébastien aka "sepyx" from Paris8 days

Hall'o'Fame - Super Fantasy Brawl
1.Sébastien aka "MetalBeerSolid" from L'Haÿ Les Roses414 days
2.Gaetan aka "Capitaine_Brindille" from Lille140 days

Hall'o'Fame - The 9th Age: Fantasy Battles
1.Pierre-Emmanuel aka "Gilg248" from Nice1148 days
2.Zacharie aka "luthorhuss" from Le Mans966 days
3.Benjamin aka "benji" from Aix en Provence505 days
4.Thibault aka "Ankor" from Paris182 days
5.Yann aka "Shizuu" from Lyon133 days
6.Maxime aka "Mweax" from Paris92 days
7.Jérémy aka "Heydrick" from Paris14 days
7.Mathieu aka "Math-CD" from Fribourg14 days

Hall'o'Fame - Urban War
1.Simon aka "Sim" from Boulogne-Billancourt6369 days
2.Erwan aka "Evandree" from Villiers Sur Marne294 days
3.Franck aka "ArtGamer" from Lille48 days

Hall'o'Fame - War of the Ring
1.Rémi aka "Remkage" from Clermont Ferrand3822 days
2.Cédric aka "Het" from Clermont-Ferrand1338 days

Hall'o'Fame - WarGods
1.Guy-Marc aka "GMB" from Beaumont3998 days
2.Sylvain aka "fenrir" from Gerzat805 days

Hall'o'Fame - Warhammer 40K
1.Julien aka "le_poete" from Pau1072 days
2.Soufiane aka "Dimetrodon" from Montpellier932 days
3.Alexandre aka "Lex-A" from Maisons-Alfort525 days
4.Xavier aka "EdlR" from Paris455 days
5.Valentin B.342 days
6.Nicolas aka "Ptit-Nico" from Pau322 days
6.Jean-Charles aka "Olohme" from Romagnieu322 days
7.Mehdi aka "ginyu" from Cours Les Barres218 days
8.Hugo aka "Shev" from Lyon190 days
9.Rémi aka "Requ-iem" from Noisy-le-Grand175 days
10.Nicolas aka "Isenheim" from Taverny162 days
11.Benoit aka "wheaver" from Troyes155 days
12.Adrien aka "Corback" from Rémy154 days
13.Olivier aka "Pere_Kstor" from Paris148 days
14.Alexis aka "Cohib" from Paris133 days
14.Jonathan aka "Whoody67" from Strasbourg133 days
15.Mathis aka "Matckass" from Plaisance Du Gers119 days
16.Brice aka "bulgor" from Paris112 days
16.Nicolas aka "leplanque" from Lyon112 days
17.Jerome aka "hidakisada" from Arsac105 days
18.Cyril aka "Aiolia" from Lattes98 days
18.Christophe aka "Kintaro" from Betschdorf98 days
19.Arnaud aka "Shas_o_Kassad" from Strasbourg91 days
20.Nicolas aka "Manix" from Trappes85 days
21.Jean-Christophe aka "YeN" from Reims78 days
22.Antoine aka "wildgripper" from Le pré Saint Gervais70 days
23.Guillaume aka "Quileurbist" from Montreuil63 days
24.Regis aka "Makai" from Maison-Alfort57 days
25.Noé aka "Wilme" from Paris55 days
26.Julien aka "Bubu" from Toulouse36 days
27.Cédric aka "Bukbi" from Paris35 days
27.Jean-Christophe aka "Icareane" from Paris35 days
28.Julien aka "kuwanan" from Nice22 days
28.William aka "Pake" from Lille22 days
29.Vincent aka "subzero" from Marseillan Plage21 days
30.Jérémie aka "TeuTeu" from Villeurbanne14 days
30.Benjamin aka "Voljoun" from Caen14 days
31.Emeric aka "Gros_steak" from Rollot8 days
31.Florian aka "Yrian" from Orsay8 days
32.Nicolas aka "Svenito" from Lyon7 days
32.Saul aka "Le_Cid" from Ugine7 days
32.Mathieu aka "Throst" from Paris7 days
32.Alex aka "toorop" from Paray-Vieille-Poste7 days
32.Raphaël aka "Bizuthor" from Rennes7 days

Hall'o'Fame - Warhammer 40K: Kill Team
1.François aka "Ligerian" from Nantes511 days
2.François aka "Linounette" from La Celle Saint Cloud127 days
3.Cédric aka "cmorent" from Paris92 days
4.Damien aka "AlfonsoReineke" from Angoulême49 days

Hall'o'Fame - Warhammer Age of Sigmar
1.Guillaume aka "Sarhantai" from Villejuif421 days
2.Andrea aka "gultars" from Aubière413 days
3.Philippe aka "sam" from VERSAILLES392 days
4.Camille aka "Loukrage" from Paris302 days
5.Koen aka "LeBaron" from Paris274 days
6.Michael aka "Miladin" from Paris218 days
7.Hadrien aka "Bouynours" from Villeurbanne217 days
8.Benoit aka "Burning-Map" from Paris189 days
9.Rémi aka "Requ-iem" from Noisy-le-Grand106 days
9.Nicolas aka "spoon" from Paris106 days
10.Adrien aka "AlphAbysse" from Blanc Mesnil77 days
10.Brice aka "LeDuc" from Lyon77 days
11.Andréa aka "Gultars" from Aubière57 days
12.David aka "Xandary" from Guyancourt42 days
12.Pierre aka "SKeleToR_of_the_Universe" from Avon42 days
13.Paul aka "Neow" from Suresnes36 days
14.Nicolas aka "Pride_FBJ" from Ermont28 days
15.Mickaël aka "Meliodas" from Lille21 days
16.Franck aka "Goul" from Villeneuve d Ascq14 days
17.Christophe aka "Yume95" from Taverny7 days
17.Martin aka "Gloin" from Maisons-Laffitte7 days

Hall'o'Fame - Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Warcry
1.William aka "Wizz_Game_Tv" from Nice330 days
2.Sigi aka "Sigi_do" from Metz28 days

Hall'o'Fame - Warhammer Fantasy Battles
1.Vincent aka "vince3310" from Toulouse3655 days
2.Sylvain aka "cocofreeze" from Chaville & Bonnelles519 days
3.Thibault aka "Ankor" from Paris323 days
4.Hugo aka "Arklash" from Epinal293 days
5.Yann aka "yann_l_elfe" from Villemomble274 days
6.Charles aka "Kikipou" from Brindas le coin kipou259 days
7.Johan aka "Cynosarge" from Le Mans209 days
8.Charles aka "kiri" from Paris190 days
9.Olivier aka "Frostiz" from Voiron106 days
10.Franck aka "TrucidoR" from villeneuve d'ascq91 days
10.Emmanuel aka "mekmakabis" from Bourg-En-Bresse91 days
11.Jérôme aka "Hiero" from Wittenheim77 days
11.Richard aka "Firfin28" from Faverolles77 days
11.Jean-Michel aka "Wyrd" from Clermont-Ferrand77 days
11.Antoine aka "gitsnik" from Angouleme77 days
12.Guillaume aka "Pham01" from Vienne57 days
13.Julien aka "Solkiss" from Grenoble56 days
14.Freddy aka "angelscry" from Paris35 days
14.Manuel aka "Latalahel" from Saint-Denis-Les-Ponts35 days
15.Zacharie aka "luthorhuss" from Le Mans29 days
16.Bernard aka "Fendulac" from Villemandeur28 days
16.Alexandre aka "Wodan" from Creil28 days
17.Jonathan aka "Vertigo" from Paris22 days
17.Guillaume aka "Le_Bim" from Saint Raphaël22 days
18.César aka "Meuh" from Toulouse21 days
19.Samuel aka "Gromuel" from Bois-Colombes14 days
19.Michel aka "mimi83500" from La Seyne Sur Mer14 days
20.Alex aka "Chaw" from Grenoble7 days
20.Cédric aka "Paco" from Grenoble7 days
20.Loïc aka "Prez" from Maizieres Les Metz7 days
20.Florian aka "Eldanar"7 days
20.Marc aka "Naal" from Grenoble7 days

Hall'o'Fame - Warhammer Underworlds
1.Martin aka "Gloin" from Maisons-Laffitte574 days
2.Eric aka "rico73" from Chambéry483 days
3.Pierre-Louis aka "Cendrillon" from Tigery379 days
4.Florent aka "FlawlessGod" from Sucy-En-Brie295 days
5.Victor aka "Eloi_De_Murphy" from Grenoble203 days
6.Matthieu aka "Batcha" from Sérézin-Du-Rhône147 days
7.Rémi aka "RUN" from Feyzin85 days
8.Jordan aka "JO_plus" from Lyon57 days
9.Clément aka "Grimork" from VALENCIENNES28 days

Hall'o'Fame - Warmachine
1.Antoine aka "gitsnik" from Angouleme1113 days
2.Fabien aka "MarcelChamblard" from Lille875 days
3.Emilie aka "Shreddinette" from Paris658 days
4.Nicolas aka "Quigonico"608 days
5.Adrien aka "Lucifel888" from Gardanne448 days
6.Igor aka "Zoroastre" from Lyon405 days
7.Gaëtan aka "Schoubi" from Saint Pierre De Lages343 days
8.Yann-Gaël aka "trantsiss" from Oullins329 days
9.Pierre Arnauld aka "connetable_pa" from Le Vésinet315 days
10.Aurelien aka "Sechs" from Paris211 days
11.Gauthier aka "bourrin" from Questembert204 days
11.Romain aka "yvanass" from Sorgues204 days
12.Nicolas aka "Nyco" from Buzet Sur Tarn148 days
13.Alexandre aka "Cheveu" from Lyon140 days
14.Jean-Loup aka "Largoo" from Meudon134 days
15.Vladimir aka "SunHunter" from Talence119 days
16.Jonathan aka "Pickouette" from Châteaudun70 days
17.Julien aka "The_Executeur" from Brumath64 days
18.Nicolas aka "Nicoco" from Challans42 days
19.Florian aka "TBT" from Montigny Les Metz29 days
20.- aka "Torphine"22 days
21.Mathieu aka "Scorpion-" from Laval14 days

Hall'o'Fame - Warmaster
1.Blaise aka "Vad" from Toulouse658 days
2.Romain aka "Grimgor77" from Messy203 days
3.Christophe aka "wilaur" from Villebarou106 days

Hall'o'Fame - World War III: Team Yankee
1.Gregory aka "Kadoc" from Vitry Sur Seine1709 days
2.Luc aka "Celtish" from Malestroit119 days
3.Pierre-Alain aka "Ilthanol" from Caen63 days

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