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MOOT TRAINING INTER - List of Participants

1. Jonathan aka "Kroxi38"FChazelles-sur-Lyon44Saurian AncientsMootlandyes
2. Pierre aka "Gotmaug"FMontrond Les Bains550Kingdom of EquitaineMootlandyes
3. Michael aka "archaon38"FParmilieu244Sylvan ElvesMootlandyes
4. Guillaume aka "elguigui"FMions41The Vermin SwarmMootlandyes
5. Laurent aka "MysticAngel"FGerbaix26Warriors of the Dark GodsAnonyMootyes
6. Julien aka "Mimoteph"FSaint-Laurent-d'Agny10Sylvan ElvesTRC du Mootyes
7. Yann aka "Shizuu"FLyon4Highborn ElvesThe Relentless Companyyes
8. Johan aka "Cynosarge"FParis16Vampire CovenantFBJ old schoolyes

Distribution of Armies
Sylvan Elves:2
Highborn Elves:1
Kingdom of Equitaine:1
Saurian Ancients:1
The Vermin Swarm:1
Vampire Covenant:1
Warriors of the Dark Gods:1
Distribution of Origins
Rhône (69):3
Loire (42):2
Isère (38):1
Savoie (73):1
Paris (75):1
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