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L'Age d'ASGARD - List of Participants

1. Marc aka "Pithivier1985"FRouen72Normansasgard rouenyes
2. Sélim aka "Selim"FRouen83Anglo-Saxonsasgard rouenyes
3. Alexandre aka "Smaug74"FRouen-Vikingsyes
4. Xavier aka "Trusters"FDuclair17Normansasgard rouenyes
5. Thomas aka "Nakhrin"FSargé-Lès-Le Mans7Normansyes
6. Philémon aka "Enorme-vorace"FParis1Last RomansFigurine&Stratégieyes
7. Matthieu aka "Matths"FLe Kremlin Bicêtre94Carolingian FranksFigurine&Stratégieyes
8. Adrien aka "Skald"FSaint-André Sur Cailly114Normansyes

Distribution of Armies
Carolingian Franks:1
Last Romans:1
Distribution of Origins
Seine-Maritime (76):5
Sarthe (72):1
Paris (75):1
Val-de-Marne (94):1
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