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GoePP - The Goettinger Pairing Program


The "Goettinger Pairing Programm" (abbr. GoePP) is a Windows-software, that allows a comfortable administration of your running tournament. Its main use is the creation of the player pairings based on the Swiss System. There a lots of options to configure the process. You can for example activate that one player won't play against his own army/faction or against a player he already battled.

In addition to this core feature the GoePP supports the handling of the gaming rounds with a couple of handy prints (like current pairings or standings etc). Special stuff like painting or fairplay are also taken into account.

Finally the GoePP is fully compatible with T³ and allows an easy data exchange between a T³-tournament and itself. So you can export your tournament sign ups from T³ and import them into the GoePP. It also works the other way round to get the results onto T³ back again.

If you're interested in the GoePP now, don't wait with the download. If you have any questions, contact the author Heimdall or one of the T³-admins. Don't hesitate to share any feedback. It's surely welcome.


The download button delivers in modern browsers a file named "goepp.zip". If you get a file with a different name, please rename it to "goepp.zip" (Beware of hidden file types!).
Typ pliku: zipped Windows-Executable
Wersja pliku: 1.5.0
Wielkość pliku: 1.1 MB
Pobierz: 37953 (total: 40819)


The GoePP is programmed by: Matthias "Heimdall" Pfeilsticker (Kontakt)
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